EP024 – How to maintain your energy with Merry Ruthe Wilson

We are capable of profound healing. Often it takes monumental shifts in our thoughts and routines, sometimes social upheavals like divorce and career changes, to maintain our energy, creativity and stay healthy. Self-care, self-education, being our own advocate and being bold is essential in the Information Age. Follow your dream and fine-tune life into authenticity. 

EP023 – How to surrender to LOVE with Joy Idries

Joy Idries, Expert facilitator of deep and transformational life changes, follows her mission to liberate 1 million people from their suffering and wake them up to the awareness, that they are much bigger than anything that happens to them and showing them how to live joyfully every day of their lives and thrive.

EP018 – How to ease healthy cooking with Dolores Storness-Bliss

Dolores Storness-Bliss is a Cooking Coach helping you reverse unhealthy eating patterns and to cultivate healthy eating habits and thereby reducing stress around ‘what to have for dinner. In her online course ‘HealthyCooking4BusyPeople’ she is taking participants from chaotic dinner times to easily cooking healthy meals while having wonderful family time around the dinner table.

EP017 – How to master your relationship with Iliana Sanchez

Get inspired to enjoy the life you love and to find the right relationship by Iliana Sanchez, a certified Wellness Coach, certified Fitness Trainer, author, speaker, and a passionate women supporter. Iliana’s passion is to guide women on their journey to the life they love. She has developed a clear framework for women in transition to attract and keep the life of their dreams.