EP028 – How to How to settle for abundance with Niajae Wallace

Niajae is a master strategist and sales funnel expert, Leadership Coach and host of the Abundance Hack Podcast. She adds art and creativity in her business approach which is one of the many things that contributes to her unique style. She helps people identify their true desires, build confidence and sharpen their skills to go after the life they’ve always dreamed of.

EP027 – How to succeed on purpose with Katja Rusanen

Katja Rusanen is a Spiritual Counselor and Mentor for Lightworkers. She inspires coaches, consultants, alternative therapists, and healers to overcome their energetic blocks and fears of visibility so that they can share their message and succeed with their purpose. Another aspect we talked about is how to learn to find joy again after going through challenging experiences.

EP026 – How to embrace your quirky and asexuality with Sandra Bellamy

Sandra Bellamy shares her asexual life journey and follows her mission to educate others about asexuality so that in the future, all asexuals can be authentic and live in society happily and share their voice in the world. She created the Youtube Channel ‘Asexualise Your Asexual Life’ to empower and enhance other asexuals to be comfortable and confident with their asexuality and to know, they are not alone.

EP024 – How to maintain your energy with Merry Ruthe Wilson

We are capable of profound healing. Often it takes monumental shifts in our thoughts and routines, sometimes social upheavals like divorce and career changes, to maintain our energy, creativity and stay healthy. Self-care, self-education, being our own advocate and being bold is essential in the Information Age. Follow your dream and fine-tune life into authenticity. 

EP023 – How to surrender to LOVE with Joy Idries

Joy Idries, Expert facilitator of deep and transformational life changes, follows her mission to liberate 1 million people from their suffering and wake them up to the awareness, that they are much bigger than anything that happens to them and showing them how to live joyfully every day of their lives and thrive.