Erneste Carla Zimmermann

The Queen of Transformation

Erneste Carla Zimmermann, authentic Feelgood-Lifestyle-Coach, faced death and transformed herself over & over to now being the role model showing that everything is possible once we find back to our true self. This named her the „Queen of Transformation“.

Leading by excample she follows her mission to remind entrepreneurs to discover their true nature within and to express their purpose as an awakened leader in the world. She created the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life-System to be the blueprint and homebase for your hero´s journey on how to discover, align and leverage your life´s purpose.


Freestyle-Your-Life is the only „All-in-One transformational platform“ providing a triple win for you:

  1. Get guidance on the process of stepping off your cage & becoming your authentic self-expert
  2. Get trained as awakened leader & Freestyle-Your-Life-Coach & share your full potential
  3. Get promoted on the media channels Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast and – FLY-Online Summit.

Press RESET now and set up your GPS for unstoppable success in life & business and success is inevitable!

“Erneste Carla´s process of becoming authentic, self-expert and awakened Freestyle-your-Life-Coach named her the ‘Queen of Transformation’. She´s the No. 1 authentic Feelgood-Lifestyle-Coach.” Olaf Witte, TV-Talkshow Ways to success, The Business Talk

„Being authentic is the only way to be sustainable happy and fulfilled in life“
Erneste Carla Zimmermann, Freestyle-Your-Life

Erneste Carla Zimmermann on the SOB Radio Show


Freestyle your life & set up your GPS for unstoppable success in life & business

– Less is more: Getting caught in the „I’m not enough“-trap finally kills you!
Learn to press reset, break free from sabotaging yourself, being dominated by others and
restyle life on own authentic terms

Meet the woman who faced death and now helps you to transform your life
From sick & tired to living vital again

– Live life by design: Learn to become your own best friend, make yourself a priority and
how to turn an awakening death-point into a breakthrough!

Be grateful for your Life’s Golden Ticket

– Become legendary: Follow the blueprint „Awakened leader and Freestyle-Your-Life-Coach“!
Take your second chance to discover, align and leverage your life’s purpose owning
Who you are in order to live authentically and meaningful by exploring your full potential

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