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Tune in to the Freestyle-Your-Life-Podcast every Thursday & get inspired by my new amazing guests – all of them beeing successfull while living their truly authentic self. They are experts of any kind who are very excited to share their tips & secrets how they became who they are now!

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Speaker Quotes

"Our interview with Erneste was very natural. Though I didn't know each other before, I felt as if we are two old friends who just met after a long time to share some wisdom which we gain over the years. I loved it and I hope that listeners will enjoy it and learn something new."
Eve Voyevoda
I just had the opportunity to visit with Erneste Carla on her new show. The experience was world class and Erneste really knows how to make the show about her guests and to bring the best out of her guests, for the benefit of listeners - this is one show you will want to check out."
Corey Poirier
TEDx Speaker & Bestseller Author
What an honor and thrill it was to connect with Carla! The hour-long conversation flew by and left me with a sense of awe and deep appreciation with the magic that can happen when two souls, hearts, and minds come together... love it!
Carl Contino
Founder of Untapped Genius & The Wave

Why should I listen to the FLY-Podcast?

Love the Podcast!
Love the Podcast!NancyPhil , 04/10/2019
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Great podcast! Thought provoking and to the point.
Great topics!
Great topics!memali108 , 04/11/2019
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Erneste Carla Zimmerman walks the talk and brings her hard-earned wisdom to her conversations with her guests. Great inspiration for anyone seeking to live authentically and create a life that works for them!
Just dove in.
Just dove in.Smart Forms , 04/14/2019
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Just dove in and can't wait to hear more!
Columnist/authorMerry Ruthe , 04/14/2019
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Erneste Carla Zimmerman brings her personal dynamism and empathy to each interview, making her guests feel at ease. There is such diversity here, so many paths that are exciting and inspiring, as each participant has broken free of past disappointments and/or setbacks to create a self-determined new life.
Freestlye Your Life Podcast
Freestlye Your Life Podcastjuliesaillant , 04/14/2019
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Talking with Erneste Carla Zimmerman was amazing! She is a woman who knows her stuff and helps her audience understand often difficult topics and gives the listeners tactical information they can use in their lives. This is a MUST LISTEN TOO PODCAST!!!
Excellent Podcast
Excellent PodcastMichael Guberti , 04/15/2019
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The Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast is excellent. Erneste asks high-quality questions during the interviews & provides her listeners with useful tactics. Get ready to take flight with the FLY Podcast!
I love this topic!
I love this topic!Kim Julen , 04/17/2019
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I love Erneste's "less is more" theme and I'm excited to learn about how to live a more authentic and inspired life!
Authentic Insights shared
Authentic Insights sharedNancy Guberti , 04/30/2019
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Freestyle Your Life Podcast with Erneste Carla Zimmermann offers stories, tips and insight to live your authenic life. She faced death & restyled life, named the, Queen of Transformation. Listen and be inspired.
Awesome Podcast
Awesome Podcastdeepgurl , 05/15/2019
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Ernesta is committed to bringing people great ways to actually heal themselves and create lives they love living. She's been through it all, and conducts her interviews with that depth of lived wisdom.
Fantastic!MichaelNeeley , 05/23/2019
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Erneste Carla has created such inspiration with this show, episode after episode. The guests are great, the topics are interesting, and she adds her own talent and insights in a way that creates magic.
Quality Content
Quality Content.user.246 , 10.04.2019
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We are living in a world where living an authentic and happy life becomes more and more important. This Podcast is not only loaded with quality content, but also led by a woman who has fought her way to living excactly that kind of life and who is determined to help people who always dreamed about living a life like that achieve their goals. We need more people like that!
Great podcast, highly recommended!
Great podcast, highly recommended!Hnnolllly , 09.04.2019
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Comes over very real and really helps!

Why authenticity matters!

Playing roles and wearing masks sucks and makes unhappy because you are neither true to yourself nor to others. This of course sucks as you did not come here to be an actor in a movie but to to discover, align and leverage your life´s purpose. By following your intuition, listening to your inner voice and following and re-adjusting your values, you can live authentically. The need to fit in, be a people pleaser and self-sabotage in order to meet other peoples´ opinions stops once and for all. You are the most important person in your life and you´ll be together with yourself from the first breathe untill you die. Once you find out what matters the most to you you can reclaim your life. Stand up for yourself and make yourself priority in your life. If you sway from your values this erodes your self-esteem. You will feel regretful, lying to yourself on an ongoing basis and unsatisfied from life and sooner or later be depressed and get ill.

Erneste Carla Zimmermann on the SOB Radio Show!

Janis Buttler & John Haggerty about Erneste Carla Zimmermann

Donnie Boivin about Erneste Carla Zimmermann & Freestyle-Your-Life

Nicole Jansen about Erneste Carla Zimmermann & Freestyle-Your-Life

You surely wonder, why the power animal tiger is shown in the emblem for FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life?

First and foremost, it´s my personal power animal and secondly the tiger stands for enthusiasm, strength, unleashing the inner fire and greatness within.He is prioritizing himself and stands for clear focused action. He also shows, that everything has a bright and a dark side. Once we are willing to lighten up the shadows by facing our strenth, evolving and pushing beyond our own limits we can become authentic and  our life unfolds in a never expected way. We rise from the ashes and become our true self.

To FLY-freestyle your life means to break free from all that sucks and to restyle life on own authentic terms. The benefit is inner peace, freedom, and fulfilment and additionally better health and experiencing happiness and fun again.

Become authentically YOU aint´easy but I´m totally committed to guide you in this transformation

My mission is to help you discover your true nature within, align and leverage with your life´s purpose. In the FLY-System, the FLY-Books coming out soon and on all my stages, the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast, where I bring on highly authentic experts and speakers to inspire you on authenticity and self-realization each week, and on the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Summit, the Authenticity-Week-Online-Summit 2019, where I´ve gathered the amazing line up of 78 amazing world-class healing, business and leadership experts, and thought leaders who shared their best strategies and practical tools to help you break free from circumstances and habits that you took on in life and which keep you stuck and imprisoned. In over 46 hours of broadcasting time we´ve reveiled the ‚Authenticity Training Blueprint‘ to help you uplevel your mindset, heal your emotional wounds, to be you and to step into your greatness.

You are the only prison guard keeping you imprisoned and once you learn how to step up you can break free and enjoy your life and business on your own authentic terms.
Freedom and being your true self is the doorway to happyness and living fulfilled. To ‚Freestyle-your-life‘ is a way to enjoy your life and business on own authentic terms. Life is too short, don´t spend one more minute living somebody else´s life! Once you let go of your backpack you took on in life, you´re ready to let shine the light that you truly are for your own sake and to the benefit of all!
As you know by now, the quest we came here for, is to discover or true authentic nature, to explore our potential and to share it by living! You were born to be authentically YOU and own who you are. Living someone else´s life, wearing masks and trying to fit in is corrupting your soul and unhealthy. Nobody else but YOU should be ruling YOUR Life! YOU deserve to be free!

Grab Your Free Copy!

This eBook will set the beginning to your way into a life, living on own authentic terms & what's best about it: IT'S TOTALLY FREE!

By tapping into the transforming fire of your heart, you rise from the ashes renewed and light-hearted. You´ll learn, how to understand and see yourself in a completely new way. By closing the gap in your personal development and being the change and resurrection you want to see in the world, you can also fill the leadership gap and become an inspirational leader of the next generation of awakened leaders ready to welcome your new authentic lifestyle. Once you transform into authenticity and skip what´s holding you back, you can easily tap into luck, happiness and satisfaction being already within!

To FLY-freestyle your life means to break free from all that sucks and to restyle life on own authentic terms. The benefit is inner peace, freedom, and fulfilment and additionally better health and experiencing happiness and fun again. I always push the bar to inspire you to find back to your true self and to share your holy spirit. I´m taking you to the leading edge of authentic evolution showing you how sharing your life´s purpose by living leads to increasing your impact and having great results by building a culture of happiness, engagement, and connection. Tiny tweaks make all the difference in the world and all of us can help to heal the world by healing ourselves!

Expert-TV-Talkshow: Ways to Success

Interview with the FLY Podcast Host

Expert-TV-Talkshow: Excellence Talk

Are you fed up with just functioning, serving others or even just existing without fulfilling your own mission?

Bingo – then you finally got to the right place!

Be You as you are meant to be – yourself, free & independent & fly!

Freestyle-Your-Life The No. 1 System for your self-determined authentic life

I mentor heart-centered entrepreneurs to reclaim their life’s agenda and enjoy a fulfilled life and business on own authentic terms

Being a single mum of my 2 sons Sandro and Rico one the toughest moments was when I was facing death due to cancer and I imagined my sons and beloved dad mourning at my funeral. The doctors didn´t have no clue what to do next and I was loosing my consciousness and unconsciousness.

Taking my life and healing back into my own hands was the way I healed and even so I had to start from scratch and re-lean everything, I´m so grateful for these life´s learnings in the school of hard knocks. I had to transform myself over and over in order to skip being a people pleaser feeling other peoples emotions as a highly sensitive empath just as mine. The solution to my healing was to pivot my life and business and to step up for myself and out of the rat race and fake play. I skipped my whole life by listenting to my own inner healer and followed my soul. Despite leading a real estate consulting agency, I stepped into what I came here for, being the authenticity coach, who went through it all before. That´s why I´ve created the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life System and transformational platform!

Following my FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life System, a tailored proven Authenticity Training Blueprint, you learn so much about self-realization and finally can break free and restyle your life to live purposeful and fulfilled according your soul´s purpose. You learn how to take back command of your life and business and skip the need to fit in and fake play to belong once and for all.

„Being authentic is the only way to be sustainable happy and fulfilled in life and business“.
My superpower diamonds, honed through my own life´s lessons and awakening after facing death, are empathy, compassionate Love, collaboration and my dedication to mentor mankind through transformation into authenticity. I truly believe this is also the only way to heal and sustain this paradise we call earth.

If it´s not enough for you to just survive, then follow me! Escape the FAKE-World out there & play at your rules! All it takes for the first step is your commitment to skip the rat race & take the leap of faith & courage to play your own game from now on. I show you all the steps in the FLY-System being the blueprint how YOU too can run your life at your own terms and how to do what you love!
Life purpose is not just to exist and also not the materialized world. What really counts is to be fulfilled with love and to enjoy life along the way. If this is not your case there is an urgent need for a change. This is my own life experience and I also learned this from my godchild “Angel and his grandma” (World Vision- the future of kids) high above in the mountains of Guatemala. They own less than nothing and to live up there is incedibly hard. No matter what, they have inner peace and enjoy life and laugh fulfilled as they have a powerful place to retreat their soul.
Being self-fulfilled leads to real blessedness and to come home to YOURSELF. 

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