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Our interview with Erneste was very natural. Though I didn't know each other before, I felt as if we are two old friends who just met after a long time to share some wisdom which we gain over the years. I loved it and I hope that listeners will enjoy it and learn something new.


Eve Voyevoda



I just had the opportunity to visit with Erneste Carla on her new show. The experience was world class and Erneste really knows how to make the show about her guests and to bring the best out of her guests, for the benefit of listeners - this is one show you will want to check out.


Corey Poirier

TEDx Speaker & Bestseller Author


What an honor and thrill it was to connect with Carla!
The hour-long conversation flew by and left me with a sense of awe and deep appreciation with the magic that can happen when two souls, hearts, and minds come together... it!


Carl Contino

Founder of Untapped Genius & The Wave

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