EP042 – How to to find and free your voice and unlock your transformational message with Michelle Kopper

On episode # 042, Michelle Kopper, a Transformational Message Mentor and visibility expert shares, how finding and admitting your purpose unlocks your transformational message that needs to be shared. Your Voice Matters! Sharing your voice not only creates your fulfilled life and the world you want to live in but also can heal, inspire, manifest change and transform the lives of others.

EP040 – How to live funny & prosper with Dawn Schary

On episode # 040, Dawn Schary shares insights about how to live live funny & prosper. She hosts the Live Funny and Prosper series where you can learn how to infuse your life with more happiness , joy and laughter. Dawn is performing as a stand-up comedian and resides all over the world, including the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and she recently opened for Arsenio Hall at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino in Santa Fe, NM. 

EP033 – How to liberate yourself with Anita Ghosal

On episode #033, Anita Ghosal reveals, how we can liberate ourselves from what keeps us stuck and how to quit worry and anxiety. Anita is a speaker, thought leader, coach, facilitator & mentor helping to empower women to discover and create fulfilling lives from the inside-out. Get ready to break free and live the life you love!