On episode # 073 Angus Southey, an energy healer, tapping expert and best-selling author, is introducing you into the simple yet powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) called ‘Tapping’ in a live session with me as the example to make the process visible and transparent for you to follow along. EFT personally transformed his as well as my life.

Angus was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where he grew up and completed an Accounting degree at Stellenbosch University but was not quite sure what career he wanted to pursue, and after 5 years of accounting with no job satisfaction, he emigrated to Taiwan in 2006 to happily teach English for just over a year. However, in 2007 he was lured back into the corporate world and a potentially lucrative wealth management career in Shanghai. After making little progress, he ended up in Hong Kong with no clear direction or motivation in his life, until he finally did quit and left the corporation in 2014. 

This final surrender and letting go of a painful past and ‘false I’, allowed him to discover his passion for Energy Healing and he now practices the simple yet powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) called ‘Tapping’, which personally transformed his life. It also inspired him to become a Best-Selling Author and show others how to also energetically remove their own money blocks. Essentially, he guides open-minded people, especially coaches, to realize their inherent worthiness to be wealthy, because Wealth is a natural celebration and manifestation for having the courage to pursue our true-life purpose.

He is a successful Energy Healer who recently co-authored a book, Transforming Your Life (Volume 2), which was released in September and became an international #1 bestseller in 12 countries, across 78 categories.

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • Everything is energy
  • the powerful holistic ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ (EFT), also known as ‘Tapping, is a fantastic, easy and everywhere applicable method to energetically remove stuck energy and get rid of blocks due to past social conditioning, limiting beliefs and energetically remove also money blocks
  • EFT is the perfect technique to release stuffed emotions as tapping is the direct connection with your limbic system
  • tapping is stimulating the pressure points so the energy in the blocked meridians can flow again
  • like meditation, tapping is a way to silence your mind and Ego
  • tapping focuses on an issue, e.g. Angus on wealth and money, and then we tap into peace where the money is not a problem any longer
  • the result comes almost immediately, you´ll feel relaxed, calm, relieved and in peace
  • we´ve been socially and collectively conditioned since childhood, that life is about survival, hard, struggle or money is the root of all evil
  • wellbeing and abundance is our natural state
  • begin with an attitude of abundance and see the glass as being half-full and start living an abundant life you so richly deserve
  • the universe will prove your thinking right, no matter if you think the glass is half full or half empty, it will show you evidence that you´re right
  • release negative emotions from the past which you´re holding on since childhood
  • our emotions determine the vibration we´re on
  • according to the ‚like attracts like-principle‘ we get more of what we vibrate on
  • e.g. if you´re stressed out and vibrate at a state of stress, you´ll get more of it
  • cultivate compassion and passion for life
  • everybody is worthy to be wealthy because it's a natural celebration for pursuing your true passion in life
  • once we discover who we truly are and find our purpose, life is fulfilling
  • before you can give to others you have to fill the gap inside, get the inside right and then the outside automatically falls into place
  • fulfillment is an inside job and we need to understand that we´re already full inside
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • check, if you are allowing the abundance to flow to you, or if you are resisting it
  • are you making the desired impact you intend to make by transforming your own life as well as countless others?
  • The more you´re pushing and running in the rat race, the more restriction you get towards your goals because you vibrate on the low energy level of fear, anger, anxiety, struggle …
  • Enjoy your entire journey of life and it´s an adventure and make sure, you´re living in the present moment (the only real-time), the past and the future are an illusion of our mind
  • Life is a mixture of the good and bad, we can´t appreciate the good side if we did not also experience the negative side
  • Everything has it´s opposite in this world (day-night, good-bad …)
  • Stop prolonging happiness and joy to the future when you have achieved something and start living today
  • See every moment as a gift of life, live fully in the present moment and enjoy this beautiful gift of life and peace instead of worrying daily about your wealth, this is like a disease because you will not reach your goals when vibrating on that low energy level
  • It´s time to tap out of worry and into wealth, but you can, of course, address any issue
  • We are in control of our emotions through acknowledging and accepting that it is there
  • This is when our emotions do not control us any longer and this is one of the greatest feelings of relief you can ever experience
  • Try to tap once a day when you´re not distracted and make it a habit and you´ll realize, how you easily come into peace and relaxation
  • Tapping is the perfect self-healing technique you can do on your own, whenever, wherever and about whatever you want to release
  • It´s life-transforming – use it for the rest of your life and cure your problems, diseases etc. yourself just like we both do on a daily basis
  • We actually self-created our own reality and life – it´s our choice to be a victim or to be our own hero
  • Commit that you´re trapped in your own mental prison and mind
  • You have the key to unlocking yourself from the self-made prison you´re in
  • declare: Enough is enough and be willing to let go of the past, limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that don´t serve you
  • change radically and create your own new reality
  • you are worthy to be wealthy, you don´t have to struggle to earn the right to be wealthy
  • we don´t need something to be fulfilled, we are already full inside
  • live in the NOW and you´ll see your life unfold in grace and ease and experience fulfillment
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