On episode # 071, Jayka Duncan reveals, how to heal from severe diseases such as cancer. Going within and surrendering to her pain healed her body of cancer within four months. The big ‚aha moment‘ was, that she hadn’t just healed her body but her inner journey healed other areas of her life like her relationship with money, food, herself, other people, etc.

Having lived a life filled with dis-ease, she was initially diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. At that time, she blindly followed the western protocol and had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Ten years later, cancer had returned with a vengeance. Active cancer was initially found in her breast and later discovered in the cervix and uterus as well. Opting out of western medicine this time, she spent 18 months trying many different holistic approaches without success. in October 2018, she was at her wit’s end and finally surrendered to it all. 

Going within and surrendering to her pain healed her body of cancer within four months. The big aha moment was that not only her body healed, but her inner journey healed other areas of her as well as her relationship with money, food, herself, other people, etc. 

In a nutshell, she let go of limiting beliefs and discovered who she really was and now lives an expansive life of ease, love, joy, gratitude and peace and inspires and helps others.

Her mission is to reach out to people who are living a life of dis-ease, who are ready to let go of their limiting beliefs and rediscover who they really are. She created the ‚Inner Health Outer Wealth Coaching‘  out of all the experience she gained through her cancer. 

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • Doing the inner work leads to more understanding of yourself and self-love
  • Surrendering to what is, e.g. the fear of death, fear of the unknown, rejection, being unworthy or not lovable, etc. takes you to the next level
  • Letting go of resistance to what is and to stop controlling what you can´t control help
  • Becoming aware and letting go of limiting beliefs is key
  • When you´re stuck, it´s a great idea to leave the environment, just like Jayka did travel for 15 months as she believed her time was almost over
  • Meditation brings you back to yourself and opens you to listen to your inner guidance
  • We both exhausted ourselves till being too weak to do anything, suffering from insomnia, thyroid problems, overwhelm and fear of death like we both experienced going through cancer until we surrendered and acknowledged what is
  • The ‚people pleaser disease‘ finally will kill you
  • Do and give what you want to give from the deepest of your heart but don´t expect any exchange in return
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • Jayka had been told to take care not to get cancer like her mother and this seed was planted
  • Surrender to the situation that is and then either try to change things if you can or accept them if they´re not in your reach to be changed
  • Cancer is the biggest wake-up call you can get, it´s time for an urgent change, just cutting it out without pulling the root cause out will not heal you long-term
  • Tell yourself that it´s ok to be fearful of death or whatever is your case
  • Set an intention in every meditation to be willing to find out, listen and see the root cause of the problem
  • Change your perception and expectations, the best is to stop that all (see the interview with Art Costello regarding the topic of releasing expectations)
  • We both had the limiting beliefs, that we have to be strong and if we would not be in great shape and successful, we wouldn´t be loved – that´s bull!
  • Release the need for being a workaholic – work smarter not harder
  • Surrender to your inner healer and believe him more than others, he is wisdom packed
  • Jayka´s chemotherapy and radiation did not prevent cancer from spreading
  • in my case, 18 surgeries did not heal me, until we both did the inner work, cleared our relations with our parents and others
  • forgiving yourself and others is a big part of that
  • At the point of being too weak to do anything, we both meditated nearly all the time to find the answers of what´s going wrong and wants to be seen
  • We both were proven that what we perceived as our identity was wrong
  • Become present, conscious and aware of your own limiting beliefs
  • Step out of your comfort zone, I call it familiarity zone because mostly we are just very used to it and our Ego and the fear of the unknown keeps us there, in my case it was totally uncomfortable, not to say horrible
  • Break free from what is not good for you and press Reset
  • Dont´cover bad situations or things up with a smile, express your feelings instead of stuffing them down like we first did fooling ourselves the most
  • Be on the watch out and aware and fire the prison guard who is you
  • Let go of all your secrets, shame, regret, anger, and all your backpack
  • Stop the harsh judgments and expectations onto yourself and be your best friend and parent you never had
  • your inner child is still crying and wants to be loved
  • stand up for yourself and speak up for yourself
  • speak up your truth (equals becoming authentically you and sharing friendly but clearly what you think, feel and stand for)
  • do the opposite of what your ego-based mind is telling you, step into the unknown (see the interview with Alison Donaghey about thinking the opposite)
  • being conscious allows you to set new intentions, thoughts, and patterns
  • in my case, no stone got left unturned to heal and transform my self over and over, which took me almost 2,5 years
  • my long-term Quantum Leap Mentor T. Harv Eker always said „don´t believe a thought you think“
  • acknowledge what´s coming up and what I do, is to say thank you for sharing, delete, please
  • Symptoms are like a friend telling you, that you´re going the wrong way and you need to change
  • Cancer in our body was also caused by the high expectations we had regarding ourselves and how we punished ourself instead of being our own best friend and in self-Love
  • Stop the perceptions of how you perceive life
  • Stop the victim energy, you´re the creator of your life, take it in your own hands now and believe your inner guidance, trust your intuition and listen to it
  • Revelation, you are worthy because you are born, you don´t need to exhaust yourself to proof it
  • You are the one to take ownership and responsibility and pull the wrong seeds out
  • There is always hope until you give up
  • It´s essential to live joyfully when running in the rat race we tend to forget to enjoy life and settle for less such as being worried, fearful, living in the past or future thoughts and acting on other peoples agenda more than on our own
  • Do more of what you love and less of what doesn´t feel good and stop what sucks
  • Acknowledge small wins and celebrate your achievements
  • Take your power back and step out of the neediness
  • Nobody else knows more than your inner guidance, trust it
  • Don´t prolong things to the future, time is precious – become aware. Present and enjoy the moment
  • Your life belongs to you, take it back in your own hands
  • Evolve from the suck like we did and share the wisdom gained on your heroic life journey to inspire and help others so they can avoid the painful years of trial and error
  • Today we both help others to heal themselves with the systems we´ve created, Jayca´s system named ‚the inner health, outer wealth coaching‘ and my ‚FLY-Freestyle-your-life System‘ (a blueprint teaches you how to press reset, go to level zero and restyle life on own terms and become your own self-expert)
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Healed By Cancer: A Journey From Fear to Freedom

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