On episode # 78 I had an amazing talk full of synergy with Janis Butler and her partner John Haggerty, both speakers, and best-selling authors.  Janis co-wrote with Christine Kloser Pebbles in the Pond, Wave II: Transforming the World One Person at a Time and John co-wrote The Winning Way with Brian Tracy. Janis is currently writing Your Soul’s Toolbox, Secrets to Constructing your Best Self. 

Janis Butler is a teacher, speaker, best-selling author and certified coach, whose passion is to help people lead love-filled, meaningful lives and to open them to their Whole Self through Conscious Awakening. Janis has a BA from Stanford University and a Post-Bachelors Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. Janis taught Language Arts, was a stay-at-home mom, then when her youngest was finishing Middle School, she attended The University of Oklahoma to receive a Degree in Spanish and Psychology. Janis taught Spanish for eight years, primarily at the university level. More recently, Janis received a two-year Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. Janis is currently writing Your Soul’s Toolbox: Secrets to Constructing Your Best Self, to be published in 2020 about leading love-filled, meaningful lives.  

They are both passionate about helping people become happier and more productive through spirituality, personal leadership, and management principles.

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • We become whole by conscious awakening
  • We need to open up to our souls and authentic nature
  • Discovering your soul and mission at your core is essential to experiencing a fulfilled life
  • We are eternal soul-based beings having a human experience
  • Our thoughts and attitudes are not who we are
  • We are wired to look outside to get our needs met, that´s wrong
  • We lost and forgot what we came here with
  • We are souls who have decided to incarnate
  • As people and as a society, we can raise the consciousness on the planet to all live a better life
  • We don´t know much about our spiritual world, we were never taught about this
  • even the awakened people are on their journey of exploration
  • nobody really teaches it, unless we learn it on our own to access it
  • life is a contrast, we need both, the dark (shadow) and light side to honor the bright side
  • happiness is a result of living your purpose
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • Our pursue of authenticity is to help people open to a better life
  • When we discover our true authentic self and who we really are, we can step out of living on the wrong EGO-track
  • Skip the false beliefs and thoughts and don´t buy into your mindfricks
  • Our greater self materializes once we learn to open up for our authentic self
  • Awake to the fact, that we are soul-based beings living in a dual world and living in a physical world (Ego)
  • In our yearning that this can´t be al, we´re sensing emptiness and lack enthusiasm
  • Environmental changes and the immigrational problem show obviously what´s going wrong
  • We need to realize that we´re all one, the other one is not a victim or an aggressor but a mirror of something inside us
  • We need to balance our lives
  • The 3 of us truly believe that once we all awake to our true authentic self and live authentically, there would be less fighting in the world
  • Authenticity and consciousness of mankind would lead to protection of this paradise we call earth
  • Right now we are playing the toxic blame game on behalf of ourselves and nature
  • Do the inner wok and go inwards to release all that you´ve stuffed down and opened up to evolve into your spiritual nature
  • Find inner peace and joy within yourself
  • According to John Campbell ‚Follow, your bliss‘ meaningful lives consist of what we bring into it and focus on
  • Janis and I share marriages that were falling apart due to dishonest husbands and tolerating this much too long, what we´ve learned is that you can´t beat a distrust
  • We denied our own spiritual process and lied to ourselves
  • Writing down your thoughts helps to get them out of your head and to stop the cycle of thinking things over and over again, we both started to write
  • We´re here to bring the darkness into light
  • It´s a sense of once being blind but then enlightened to see
  • It´s your decision where you want to head, either to go on complaining or to stop the self-sabotage
  • To wake up, become conscious and aware is essential to being able to stop the manipulating game out there as well as from our Ego
  • Accept what is and put yourself back in charge to get your power back
  • Leverage your true purpose and make the necessary changes
  • Never lose faith
  • You can´t be waiting till somebody else is saving you, it´s your job
  • We want to belong and to be loved and look for others to do so
  • This is an illusion, how can a partner love us if we ourselves can´t love us
  • We can´t find what we don´t have, it all starts with self-love
  • The mind-body-connection will spot what is not ok and missing
  • Negative spots in our work, relationships, etc. translate to our health
  • Forgive yourself first and then other, because if you hold on to grief and anger this is toxic for your health
  • Recognize the dark shadow sides in yourself and heal them, because this is what you project on others
  • Learn how to appreciate yourself
  • Set boundaries and share authentically what is right for you or not
  • Don´t exhaust and overwhelm yourself by being such an empath to go on until you collapse as we both did and then had to learn what it means when the soul and body say, we can´t carry any more
  • I had to learn this message of not being a machine that can run at high speed for a long period of time drastically when despite 18 surgeries I faced death at the age of only 48
  • If we don´t listen to our souls the body talks to us in the form of symptoms
  • In fact, we are a big collaboration of millions of cells
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