Welcome to a series of episodes about how to end anxiety forever! On episode # 087 of the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast, I´m revealing how Covid-19 affects our personal rights. Stay tuned for the next episodes on anxiety and the opening of the registration for the Anxiety Freedom Summit!  

Erneste Carla Zimmermann, MBA, is featured as a speaker, author, and internationally known anxiety and authenticity expert. She holds degrees in business administration, shamanic healing, and Hypno-coaching. As a certified trainer, she guides you on your transformational journey of breaking free from self-sabotage and self-oppression. By transcending any limitation this leads you you’re your innate greatness and owning who you are. Erneste Carla has walked the path. She has discovered that being authentic is the only way to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled. 

After facing death, she has transformed totally and now is known as the role model showing that everything is possible once we find back to our true authentic self. This named her ‚The Queen of Transformation‘. She is the founder and CEO of FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life and ECZ-Consulting and the creator of the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Systems. It´s the No. 1 System for your self-determined authentic life. The ‚All-in-One transformational platform´ includes the FLY-Coaching Academy, the FLY-Systems, the FLY-Summit, and the FLY-Podcast which all provide multiple wins for you as you get the guidance, trained and promoted. 

These worldwide unique holistic Mentorship Programs, the Anxiety Freedom Formula, and the Authenticity Blueprint are designed to mentor you on how to heal, discover, align, and leverage your life´s purpose as an awakened leader in the world. You´ll learn easy implementable next-level techniques and shortcuts enabling you to enjoy a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life and business on your own authentic terms. Here you learn to finally stop any self-sabotage and relieve anxiety, fear, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness. Everything is designed for you to become independent and your own self-expert.

Through her work, she helps her clients discover their authentic being and to align and leverage their life´s purpose so that they can live and lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life and business on their own authentic terms.

She mentors people who want to use the medium of coaching to live their mission, improve people’s lives, and fulfill their greatest potential by aligning with their mission and sharing their gifts with confidence. In her mentorship, she helps her clients to tap into their intuition and to transform their adversity and dysfunctions into their greatest advantages. She believes everyone can succeed in building a wildly successful coaching practice if they commit to the transformational journey, be compassionate with themselves, follow the right system, and never give up.

She also opens up her coaching training method to the public by licensing the FLY-freestyle-your-life-System. Heart-centered coaches and health and wellness entrepreneurs can get certified and have the blueprint to follow into living and leading their most authentic life for themselves and their clients. 


The FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life stages such as the FLY-Podcast and the FLY-Summits are part of the epic FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Movement and Authentically Me Tribe and help you take your life to the leading edge of healing and authentic evolution. Experts, speakers and herself, are sharing their best tips, strategies, and directly implementable shortcuts on how to end anxiety, become authentically YOU, and uplevel your Status Quo beyond the fear of being YOU. 

Erneste Carla is the go-to expert for entrepreneurs, coaches, and those who commit to showing up authentically, in life and in business. Besides guiding you on the process of becoming your own authentic self-expert, she equips coaches, as well as health and wellness business owners with the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Methodology. In all she is doing, she follows her mission to help you heal, live authentically, and to stop the misery of living a life that is not yours. 

She is the author and co-author of 3 books. The Transforming Your Life Vol. 3 Book is coming out in September 2020. The life-changing book about the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Systems inspires you to heal and heroically step forward and claim who you are meant to be. It is an open invitation and must-read if you dare to uplevel your health, mindset, heal your emotional wounds, and live as a happy and fulfilled self-expert leading your own destiny. The FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Best Practice Book of life’s greatest lessons from the world’s top experts reveals how to turn your life around and liberate.

For more information about her systems, stages, books, consulting, and coaching, to download the Shortcuts to end anxiety or to break free and FLY as well as to schedule your free transformational ‚Anxiety Freedom’ or the ‘Discover your authentic greatness’ session, please go to  https://freestyle-your-life.com/or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freestyleyourlifecom

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • Covid-19 has changed our lives and how we roll dramatically and we were forced to change! These solo episodes on anxiety are meant to help you not only to survive but to thrive from the crisis
  • What came with it was an enormous amount of anxiety and fear of the Unknown
  • What we actually see seems like a Science Fiction but it is reality. Due to Covid-19, we all enter uncharted and unknown territory
  • The Covid-19 app was supposed to take personal data in an anonymous way but right now they found leaks and it doesn´t work properly and people are not informed correctly. Fact is, that the goal and tendency of all health-related apps installed on the smartphone are promoted with the positive benefits you can gain from them such as health insights and how much you move
  • Are you aware of being monitored 24/7? The apps often are pre-installed and monitor and track every step you take
  • It´s important that you become conscious and clear on the lifestyle you want to live. Otherwise, instead of living and leading a loving passionate, purposeful and fulfilling life, you are likely to end up in ongoing pain, suffering, and struggle or diseases
  • I believe we are asked to heal our souls and open our hearts. The world needs more compassionate Love and support from each other
  • What we experience now is a great opportunity to expand our life and business to live and lead a passionate, purposeful, and fulfilling life and thrive rather than just trying to survive living somebody else´s life while trying to fit in to belong
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • Covid-19 is definitely the biggest worldwide epidemic and wake up call and hopefully leads into a process of waking up from just ‚being‘ and transforming into becoming, and giving birth, to the new authentic self and authentically You.
  • The worldwide frustration about how our personal rights are cut down due to so many new declarations and restrictions we have to follow is rising
  • Sometimes facing challenges and restrictions is helpful to let us wake up, to recognize our own purpose and power, and to become aware of grievances
  • the positive effect of nearly all economies and traveling being down is less pollution and toxins and nature flourishes, and in many regions, we can see the ground and fishes for the first time
  • e.g. we knew about Climate Change and that it would be almost to late to stop it. In fact, it´s already too late to reverse it, but we went on with business as usual not caring about the pollution of the air and water
  • Globally, instead of returning to business as usual after the lockdown, we should emphasize on more natural ways of economy, production, and electricity
  • Individually, it´s time to act consciously instead of only following the herd and to react
  • We are the master of our own destiny: We get to decide how we act, react, and what we accept in our lives
  • Claim your freedom of speech and speak up for yourself, your family, and for the human race
  • 2020 and heading into 2021, is proposed to be the year to wake up from walking dormant, to skip the fake play and to become real
  • A great tip to relieve anxiety is to get clear on your vision, mission, and purpose in life
  • Then make your own declarations about your life It´s about making your own decisions and showing our power individually
  • Break free from restrictions first and foremost regarding self-sabotaging patterns and secondly regarding the acceptance of monitoring and manipulation
  • Then set goals, and follow a proven system on your transformation from being in pain and suffering to become present and authentically you
  • It´s essential to focus more on what really matters to you and what makes you happy
  • If you feel anxious, journal, write down what your thoughts circle about to get it out of your head and to stop the negativity loop which is about fear of the future
  • Staying in the loop of worries leads to overwhelm and being stressed out and then drives you to a state of exhaustion
  • Unfortunately, your body doesn´t know the difference between imagined tragedy and reality and thinks the imagined nightmares are real right now
  • Your body is not made to run at high speed on an ongoing basis or for a long-distance, ignoring the warning signs is likely to lead to irrevocable health damages
  • helps you sleep
  • boosts mood
  • Some essential oils used to relieve anxiety are:
  • bergamot
  • lavender
  • clary sage
  • grapefruit
  • ylang ylang
  • 10. Drink chamomile tea - A cup of chamomile tea is a common home remedy to calm frayed nerves and promote sleep. A 2009 study trusted Source showed chamomile may also be a powerful ally against generalized anxiety disorder. The study found people who took German chamomile capsules (220 milligrams up to five times daily) had a greater reduction in scores for tests that measure anxiety symptoms than those who were given a placebo.
  • Fact is, no matter what problems you’re dealing with, there’s a solution waiting for you
  • You just need to discover yourself and then find and align with the right path for yourself
  • This means to discover your true nature within, to express your purpose as an awakened leader in the world, and to live a loving life of purpose and passion
  • My mission is to facilitate your entrepreneurial journey from anxiety into the authenticity
  • The FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Systems, the Anxiety Freedom Formula as well as the Authenticity Blueprint, are proven Systems mentoring you on how to discover yourself, align and leverage your life´s purpose
  • If you are overwhelmed and exhausted you lose sight and procr astination kicks in and you end up in doing nothing
  • Do not only treat the symptoms. For good health, wellbeing, and to feel happy it is important For good health, wellbeing, and to feel happy it is important to wake up, speak up, love yourself, and to break free from what is not you
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Great podcast! Thought provoking and to the point.
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Freestyle Your Life Podcast with Erneste Carla Zimmermann offers stories, tips and insight to live your authenic life. She faced death & restyled life, named the, Queen of Transformation. Listen and be inspired.
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