On episode # 054, Greg Schweitzer, a Freedom Fighter with an immutable passion for helping people stop settling for less than what they REALLY want, helps you to put yourself back in power in your careers and lives! He focuses on catalyzing breakthrough in the areas of Human Performance & Productivity, Business Success and Life Augmentation and is also a speaker.

Greg Schweitzer is a record-setting Certified Master Success Coach, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master Time Techniques and Hypnosis Practitioner as well as a trainer.
Greg calls-out and honors the greatness that already exists in the individual or team that may be inhibited by any number of limiting beliefs, personal rules, fears, emotional challenges and more.

Becoming a Freedom Fighter, how Greg alls himself, is the greatest way to stop settling for less and helping others to put themselves in power to experience fulfillment, freedom and joy (which all people are looking for).

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Greg is the founder of the Catalyst Transformation Institute
  • He helps people make shifts happen and create the life they want 
  • Freedom doesn´t come for free, we have to work on it
  • Ask yourself, what your freedom flavour is, and find out more about it
  • Find and discover yourself and what you´re about (your values etc.)
  • Fulfillment comes when we are doing what we are here for and what we love
  • NLP Neurolinguistic programming is a concept of modeling life
  • We can´t see our own junk and need a mentor who guides us
  • in order to change things we need to bring them to awareness

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Get past the challenges you face and focus on the strength and positve
  • NLP is a great way to handle and transform limiting beliefs or emotions and replace them through more empowering ones
  • Greg is located in Idaho but offers different ways to work with him such as:
  • NLP-Sit, a strategic interfering targeting, where a limiting belief or stuffed emotion can be released and you could be refreshed and rebooted
  • Or longterm engagement and coaching as well as one-day NLP-Breakthrough sessions
  • Check out, what works good ornot, model it and install new empowring thoughts and patterns
  • NLP- hypnotic sessions are great to let go of the past and to free your emotions
  • Struggle often is to protect ourselves 
  • We help people find the right method and approach
  • We can unlearn habits and replace them through more empowering ones
  • In life, there is a way things work or don´t work, discover the strategy on how you´re doing things and how you tick
  • Communicate what you want
  • Ask others what they are noticing regarding you
  • We are so much on autopilot that often we even don´t know what we´re doing
  • People communicate and process things differently, we know that from our relationships
  • If things don´t work out good, do not move to a neg.emotion but acknowledge it and change it


  • Greg´s (or my job) as a coach, is to help you see, what is missing or not working, which you, being in the middle of it all, can´t see
  • You can be trained how to engage and what to do next in order to struggle less
  • It´s all about observing and noticing the unconscious motives, thoughts and behavior that drives your actions and life and then change them

Links & Social:
www.freedomfighterway.com find out more about the Freedom Fighter Coaching Program
www.catalysttransformation.com free download of Greg´s Rapid Fire trainig to overcome procastination

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