On episode # 050, Kyera Yalte, a grandmaster in Reiki, Access Consciousness Body & Bars, and a grandmaster of BelVasPata Angel healing reveals, how these ancient healing methods can help you to overcome limiting beliefs and past conditioning as well as disease. She helps clients to discover a life with ease & joy by becoming their true authentic self. 

Kyera Yalte grew up on a dairy farm in Friesland, in her late twenties she moved to the UK, after an affair of the heart.
She has 3 inspired children who live in Australia. Kyera has been for many years practising the healing arts, in the late '90s becoming a grandmaster in Reiki & after a period of travelling & sailing the waters of many countries, she returned to land again, through following an intuitive calling she became an Access Consciousness Body & Bars, facilitator, a year later after following another intuitive urge she became a grandmaster of BelVasPata Angel healing {healing of the heart} & happiness counsellor, all which she practices in the UK where she lives now. Kyera loves the Bars treatment as that has the ability to remove so many limiting beliefs from many past & current lives , which we have taken on from our upbring ie: schooling, religions, parents, society, so clients discover a life with new possibilities with ease & joy in all area's of their life by becoming their true authentic self, which is often done by distance healing. She is passionate about teaching/ inspiring others to live a life filled with joy & happiness. after many lessons in her journey through life, she now practises, why we came here on earth for, being "to create Heaven on earth".

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Stop doing what you don´t love and do more of what you enjoy
  • Skip the ‚I have to or should-thinking‘ and worrying about what other people might think
  • This is not at all of interest or to your benefit
  • Decide to live authentic, claim yourself and your self -worth again and declare it to others
  • Humanoids cut off their arms and legs just to fit in, skip this self-sabotaging pattern
  • The bars can enlighten your life and release limiting beliefs

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • If you want to quit self-sabotaging patterns once and for all, the first neccessary step is to discover yourself and then align your life with your life´s purpose 
  • Listen to your soul, follow your intuition and choose happiness
  • We both have been sailing for many years and by doing that you really can become new friends with people on the boat, free, realxed and chilled
  • Happiness and greatness is already within, you just need to eliminate the layers above it


  • The mentioned book is: Curing the incurable by Liam Phillis
  • It´s our turn to change if something doesn´t feel good any longer
  • Discover your dream life and what you really want 
  • Don´t wast your precious time with things and peole you don´t care about
  • Don´t prolong things to later or live from break to break

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Be brave, become visible and tap into your presence, don´t hide yourself
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