On episode # 049, Nancy Guberti reveals, how to become your best advocate and how to take charge of your health and life. She teaches, how to reach peak performance in body, mental health and overall wellness and founded the ‚Total Wellness Empowerment Membership‘, the ‚Look & Feel Great Method, and Raising Achievers program‘ so people can learn how to take charge of their life with total wellness of mind, body, spirit & purpose.

Fifteen years in brokerage and former Vice President of Goldman Sachs, E-Commerce division, she managed and worked with high performers at 150 institutional clients.
Eighteen years in her private practice in functional medicine and nutrition, she customizes regimes to reach peak performance in body, mental health and overall wellness.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Don´t ruin your work-life-balance by working too long hours for a longer period
  • We don´t need to rely on somebody outside, we´re the best healer ourselves on we tap in
  • The conventional medicine only reacts to symptoms, but the core issue remains
  • Taking drugs leads to increased toxine levels and leads to further health issues 
  • Be aware, that taking a drug will not solve the core issue and only silence the symptom, but if the root is not adressed, a sustainable solution of the problem is not rarely possible
  • Being authentic starts with knowing who you are and becoming aware and mindful of your thoughts, goals and what you want in life
  • Inner work is about to start from within, and to discover who you are, is the core foundation of it all, e.g. to heal the stuffed down emotions 
  • To inspire and empower others you need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit
  • We´re presenting ourselves and use speaking to inspire others to be confident, humble and to skip the Ego-driven lifestyle
  • We´re all humans being here for al limited time, nobody knows how long, so make sure you do the best to enjoy your life as long as you can
  • You can make a positive impact on somebody else just with a smile or hug

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • How to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship
  • How to organize ourselves to get it all done and how outsourcing, creating new workflows and setting up systems helps
  • To avoid learning from trial & error like we did, we recommend to get mentorship
  • Podcasting is a great way to make connections throughout the world and to inspire others by sharing valueable stories and tips from the experts and ourselves
  • She is checking her clients health status with functional medicine testing, 74 existing markers´, and then is interpreting it for them and giving recommendations to heal the imbalances
  • Realted to her son Marc´s severe health issues, she researched and worked on the imbalances and when doctors had no clue, she safed her son
  • Go on a search, find your passion and turn it into a business, combat the fear and empower others, just like we do 
  • Never underestimate the power of words, they can empower or bully others and stop negative self-talk, all your cells listen to everything you think and speak
  • Believe in yourself and others
  • Dig deep to get to the root cause and bring things, that are out of balance, into balance
  • Check the imbalance of neurotransmitters and transform to a healthy lifestyle and being at peace
  • Keep a journal to find out what triggers you, what makes you feel good and what you do, to comfort yourself
  • Be proud of your achievements and celebrate also small wins, like Nancy said how much she loves my work, take it deep into your heart, it´s pure healing
  • No matter what is right for you, go for it, e.g. I love to travel and therefore transformed my business from 1:1 to mostly operating online and as I love travelling so much, I´ve set it up as Laptop-Business
  • find out, what´s right for you by listening to your body and your heart and be brave to make the shift


  • Our goal is to empower others to become mindful and authentic and to tap into their own healer
  • Drugs are influencing your body in general and mostly lead to further problems 
  • The conveying message for listeners is, to think outside the box and become your own best advocate

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