On episode # 047 Allan Knight, a Motivation, Communication and Public Speaking Coach for over 25 years, reveals, how his revolutionary self-coaching method called The Soulmate Revolution‘, helps you to tap into your inner soulmate. A loving relationship with ourselves and to master our inner game is the foundation to connecting with others truly and from the inside out.

As a former Zen Monk he has been able to bring his unique wisdom and skills into our chaotic world by uniquely combining personal development with communication mastery. He focuses on helping people connect with more clarity, confidence and impact. After living 9 years as a Zen Monk, he realized that you need to connect the Zen mindset into every aspect of your life in order to live a more balanced lifestyle with a zen attitude.
He obtained a Masters degree in Education from McGill University in Montreal where his thesis was all about ‘mastering our relationships with others by mastering the relationship we have with ourselves’. Loving yourself is the foundation to carve out your path to the extraordinary life you are dreaming of.
He is the author of the book called ‚Mind Gone Wild‘. It´s about finding freedom within the chaos and ‚Knight Without Armor‘, a 9-step-formua for relationship success. He is also the creator of Communication Mastery for Entrepreneurs and the Soulmate Revolution.
The purpose of the KNIGHTLIFE TRAINING program is to help you attract deep, heart-centered and successful relationships in business and personal life. The goal is to provide you with a complete, practical and comprehensive set of tools to speed up your ability to enjoy the quality of communication you’ve always dreamed of having with others.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • The greatest soulmate is inside us
  • heal by being your own best soulmate and partner for life
  • to do the inner work and stop the ongoing self-sabotage is the next level of being able to have loving relationships with others
  • Come in peace and Love with yourself first and tap into your inner soulmate before searching a soulmate outside of you
  • If soulmates did not do the inner work and healed their sufferings, we are not ready for a deep connection with a partner and always show up needy
  • How should somebody outside give us the Love and deep connection we dare for if we are not able to love ourselves
  • We´re communicating 85 % from the inside out and non verbal

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • The 9-step-formula of the Soulmate Revolution is a great self-coaching system for your life
  • Step 1. Clearing negativity from the past
  • Step 2. Forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself and being too self-critical
  • Step 3. Crystallizing your vision
  • Step 4. Unleashing your inner warrior
  • Step 5. Take action with accountability partner
  • Step 6. Busting through the barriers
  • Step 7. The true power to manifest
  • Step 8. Mastering your communication
  • Step 9. Take charge and responsibility for yourself, what is and whatever happens


  • Embrace the suck
  • Change it when you can, otherwise accept what is
  • Stop needing to be right and justifying
  • Get fed up with mediocrity and not living your life fully and transform your life
  • Come in harmony and stop being contraeous with the world around you
  • Pay attention on your needs and do rebirthing, don´t smash them away
  • Look for a mentor walking the talk
  • The challenges we face in life are the most important lessons as they force us to go deep inside
  • Symptoms are a friend telling us somthing is wrong
  • Either become a victim or a master of the circumstances

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