On episode # 042, Michelle Kopper, a Transformational Message Mentor and visibility expert shares, how finding and admitting your purpose unlocks your transformational message that needs to be shared. Your Voice Matters! Sharing your voice not only creates your fulfilled life and the world you want to live in but also can heal, inspire, manifest change and transform the lives of others.

My dear friend and my own coach for visibility and presence, Michelle Kopper, is a voice, video and visibility expert who helps coaches, healers, speakers, authors and other transformation leaders find their voice, clarify their message and expand their powerful presence so that they can give voice to their work in the biggest possible way: online, onstage and on-camera.

Michelle’s coaching, online training programs and live events (Powerful Presence Life Event) are designed and dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs find their words, value their gifts and own their Powerful Presence so that they can uplift and transform the world through sharing their voice, creating an abundant life and making their impact.

Enjoy Michelle singing for us about the one: ‚…could it be you to bring the hope, speaking up when it´s so scary, decide to be the one…‘.

‚Your presence is your greatest gift – give generously!‘ Michelle Kopper

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Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Especially for visionary entrepreneurs it´s essential to find their words, value their gifts, own their powerful presence and share it by living
  • It´s all about being brave enough to discover, own, live and share your unique message 
  • Great marketing is important so more people longing for your wisdom can hear from you and experience your work

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • In the ‚finding your purpose exercise‘ close your eyes, take a deep breathe and listen to your heart while asking yourself, ‚who am I here to serve and what could I tell them in 2 minutes‘
  • Whatever comes up is what you´re likely to bring and share with confidence, presence and authority 
  • Step 1 of getting visible and tapping into your presence is to anwer the calling, find your purpose, admit it to yourself and to share it
  • Step 2 is to deliver your unique message in the biggest possible way and become vulnerable
  • Step 3 is to do the inner work, bring your own limits and judgement to the carpet and let go
  • Do something past the edges of your comfort zone and tap into universal progress
  • Michelle and I ourselves had to overcome so much fear and limiting beliefs regarding our worthiness before getting on our journey and finding a way to express our purpose and greatness 
  • Michelle is singing for us in the interview and really touches the soul with it, but first had to trust herself to be seen and heard and to be brave to share her gifts
  • I myself was afraid of getting visible and vulnerable with the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast – and the FLY-Summit, but followed the guidance of Michelle and my high performance mentors Brendon Burchard, Darren Hardy and T. Harv Eker and did the inner work to now inspire and enlighten others to become authentic and an expert in self-mastery
  • If you´re unsure, shy or don´t know what to say, reach out for help from somebody, knowing the process of getting beyond the comfort zone and stepping into your greater potential will become easy
  • Both of us overcame their fear and did the inside work to become free, share our voice and serve with our gift in the biggest possible way helping people to embrace their authentic presence and their transformational message to feel free and confident in their bodies to actually deliver it 
  • tune into the spirit to find out what tries to come through and take it past your edges
  • Learn how to flip the switch and transform to embrace vulnerability and evolve, expand and grow owning your expertise


  • Be brave, become visible and tap into your presence, don´t hide yourself 
  • Find your purpose to be here, discover your gift and unique message and share it authentically to benefit the world with it and inspire and uplift others
  • Listen to your own guidance and be your authentic self, that´s what FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life is about. Break free from whatver sucks, esp. the self-sabotaging patterns of not being good enough, not being ready and not being truly yourself and become and show up as your authentic self and skip the rest
  • Get beyond the layers of visibility trying to keep you stuck and the past conditioning of staying small and withholding, commit to change, grow and move forward
  • Each person has their OWN message - accessing, activating and allowing it is integral to creating the life you want and to feeling fulfilled and raising the energy and vibration of the whole planet
  • Your voice creates your life and the world you want to live in
  • The vibration and sensation of your voice carries within all the insights, discovery and transformation
  • Voice in the largest sense of the word is inner voice, message, and creative self-expression on every level
  • The key to experiencing happiness and fulfillment in this busy world is to do what we are called to and to go on a journey finding a way to express it authentically
  • Be authentic and share authentically, staying inauthentic equals withholding and not feeling truly alive
  • With my FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast – and FLY-Summit I´m offering the value of authenticity to the world as a core value of transformation, happiness and fulfillment and I´m providing as sacred space to give other people the opportunity to have a conversation and share their voice on the FLY-Podcast and FLY-Summit

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With my FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast – and FLY-Summit I´m offering the value of authenticity to the world as a core value of transformation, happiness and fulfillment. I´m providing as sacred space to give other people the opportunity to have a conversation and share their voice on the FLY-Podcast and FLY-Summit.

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