On episode # 041, Shawna Pelton, an expert on Personal Transformation & professional Excellence for Leaders is empowering us to activate your potential and unleash it out into the world. We´re exploring, how to become the best YOU by creating life as an envisioneer and transforming the shadow site.

Her work has evolved over the years from herbal and holistic nutrition education, aesthetics, antiaging, biophoton therapy for hard to treat conditions to meditation for stress, spiritual healing, energy medicine for pain and emotional mastery. Forgiveness for self-love healing, NLP, hypnosis for behavioral change, Conversational Intelligence(TM) and Executive Coaching for building trust are parts of the teachings of holistic healing, mind-body medicine, ancient mysteries and metaphysics to the neuroscience of change.

• A Creative Visionary - aligns with aspirations using heart, mind & imagination
• A Cunning Engineer - intentionally builds an authentic purposeful life with authority
• An Adventurous Pioneer - is willing to explore the terrain of higher potential

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • why settle for a half-lived life when EXCELLENCE is available to you as an option?
  • we need to wake up into authenticity and souvereign to be in our power
  • wisdom teachings say, that we all here for a reason
  • the quest is, to discover our hidden higher purpose and manifest it out into the world
  • our potential is encoded within each of us
  • the secrets to overcoming our greatest obstacles are found within the challenges we face
  • go on a journey and quest to discover our true self within in order to access your truth and become authentic

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • tap into that place where you can just be your own true self
  • transform the frequencies you are sending out like a radio transponder
  • be prepared, that people might not like your change for the authentic better version of yourself and try to hold you back in the herd
  • the benefit of the transformation into your true authentic self is, that people or situations which are no longer a match and are holding us back, fall apart
  • it´s ok to feel sad about losses and moving through the grief is healthy 
  • if you don´t heal your emotions they keep showing up in other forms wrapped into different paper, until you accept and transform them
  • according to I Ging, we always blame ourselves when we hold stuff repressed
  • the I Ging is an ancient Chinese oracle which consists of a collection of line drawings that include texts and comments
  • we can´t hold anything under the surface, things tend to come up and are projected outward
  • dig deep, be present, observe, accept and be compassionate and loving with yourself and move through to feel more stable
  • inner child work is also very important, acknowledge your inner child´s needs and empower it to uplevel it´s experiences in life in order to transform the blocked feelings and energy 
  • we then replant those seeds into a container that is safe, nurture them and give them space to grow into your potential


  • tap into the place within to explorey our purpose and true self
  • the real self is more like the dream we live in
  • to become authentic, we need to wipe our programming clean, including to clear false beliefs about ourselves and others and viruses, we picked up along the way
  • the only good way to heal emotions is to accept what is, feel safe and move through them
  • resistance leads to keep the negative emotions surpressed and you stuck, acceptance and moving through transforms them and is freeing them up
  • challenges and integrated emotions are a powerful source for creation and to restyle your life
  • the shadow work brings all old stories and stuff out into the light as the shadows are the unacknowledged, isolated, innocent and unhealed parts of ourselves
  • when you learn to master your emotions you can master your life
  • To become your best YOU be willing to transform the parts of you that you´re not proud of and do more of what makes you feel good

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