On episode #036, Ania Grimone, an international expert on successfully navigating change, explores, how to quickly bypass obstacles, esp. fear that plays into resistance to change and gets in the way of successful transition. We learn, how how to use fear to move you towards the most authentic expression of who you are.

Ania is teaching at an academic level and working as a clinician with patients at a major teaching hospital in Chicago, Ania draws on a rich experience with people of all ages, backgrounds, circumstances and walks of life. She consistently helps her clients move through significant and disruptive personal and organizational changes, so they quickly and effectively reach their next stage, while maximizing learning and minimizing stress. Her mission is to quickly bypass obstacles to change and to eliminate fear as a primary force underlying destructive patterns of behavior.

She holds BA in Organization and Management, MS in Oriental Medicine and is a certified life and health coach. Her career spans advertising, fashion modeling, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, life and health coaching, teaching and public speaking. Her company ‘Mastering Transitions Coaching’ is providing training, education and resources to facilitate for its clients, the management of difficult personal and professional events, and transitions focusing on developing human potential, fostering resilience, emotional fitness and maximum resourcefulness.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • She has lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents and always tried to fit in and meet the expectations of other people which was pure hell
  • by experiencing for herself, how to move beyond fear she became a student of fear
  • fear is an action signal
  • emotions are nothing but signs and informations, ‘the reader´s digest’, of what´s going on in your environment and what you need to do
  • the conscious mind processes 40 bits of information per second, the subconscious about 4 Mio.
  • sorts of fear: 
  • 1. when life is in danger, the fight & flight response kicks in as survival instinct
  • 2. our bodies are wired for homeostasis, balance and safety and we tend to resist sudden changes
  • we experience dark times to appreciate the bright sides, everything has an opposite, the Avatar Animal at Freestyle-Your-Life is the tiger showing his bright and dark side depending on what perspective you take
  • the core of human suffering is that we reject the shadow/ dark side
  • everybody looks from their point of view, what people think about you has nothing to do with you but only with them
  • there is no need to be everything for everybody and to fit in, step out of there as lying to yourself and not being honest with yourself is leading to illness, celebrate rejection

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • if we try to stuff the fear, transformation or distract ourselves, we´re shooting the manager
  • when fear arises, ask yourself what you don´t want to happen and articulate what your specific fear is, without making stories about it and also become clear of what you want to happen (worst case scenario and plan B)
  • e.g.cancer patient mostly have the fear of occurence, of the cancer coming back 
  • they should ask what they most likely could do to maximize their chances of not dying and preventing
  • curiosity is the super power here, instead of addressing the neg. outcome in our questions we should address the positive outcome and be grateful for the signs the fear provides
  • we both moved away from a divorce and the fear pointed us into authenticity and eliminating what is not working for us
  • Ania specialized on how fear plays into resistance to change and gets in the way of successful transition and founded the ‘Mastering Transitions Coaching’, I created the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life System helping you to find back to yourself and enjoy life on own authentic terms, we share our mission to elevate the consciousness
  • after countless symptoms showed up and burned me out, I transformed over and over, stepped out of all destructive patterns of behaviour and all the roles and fake play of trying to fit in (e.g. learned to say no, being a people pleaser and empath which led to illness)
  • start questioning the roles you play and what is going on in your life and why you´re doing what you do and be curious for the new and unknown
  • we both help to navigate transitions as this is a process to become your authentic self
  • it is important to navigate transitions without missing the steps on the way, mostly the old is no longer there and the new has not arrived yet and we´re stuck in the messy place in the middle with all neg. emotions such as fear, grief, uncertainty
  • we need to learn to embrace the suck and shadows and integrate them
  • honor the struggle in order to become whole with all aspects and live in oneness and authentic
  • when we accept the pain and struggle being associated with the things we want as price we need to pay to have it, the resistance goes down
  • start strengthening the muscle of true words and start practising decoding your emotions, acknowledge your feelings and tune into it
  • we discussed also the book of Vishen Lakhiani, mindset coach we both admire and his fantastic book ‘The Code of the extraordinary mind’
  • do more of what makes you feeling great and delegate or outsource the rest
  • experience and learn about yourself and pursuit in generosity and Love, being your authentic self is your best service to the world


  • fear points us towards something important that needs to happen in order to move towards the authentic real life and living in truth
  • the fear shows us the blind spots, what we are yearning for and where we need to put attention to
  • if something does not work for you it creates stress which is a physical phenomenon, a biochemical ‘soup’ inside your body that affects how you think, feel and interact
  • when fear shows up it is your subconscious mind, heart and soul screaming at you ‘please I beg you, come back to yourself and align with yourself’ 
  • the world is not going to be the same unless you show up authentically as you´re designed to be
  • be the most authentic you and show up authentically and attract those who want to be in your orbit

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