On episode #033, Anita Ghosal reveals, how we can liberate ourselves from what keeps us stuck and how to quit worry and anxiety. Anita is a speaker, thought leader, coach, facilitator & mentor helping to empower women to discover and create fulfilling lives from the inside-out. Get ready to break free and live the life you love!

Her gift is to channel the root blockage and help women be fully liberated in all parts of their lives by getting to the root cause of what keeps them stuck, ripping it out, healing, releasing, mastering energy to the outer realms and alchemising any BS fast to get the precise results you desire.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • worry and anxiety keep us stuck and is not necessary and we do not need to live with it
  • anxiety finally kills our happiness and blocks us from a happy and abundant life
  • our normal state of being is joy and thriving
  • to worry about things you can´t change, is self-sabotaging as you give your power away
  • esp. women live in the struggle of getting work, children and private life together and many end up exhausted
  • like myself, I´m the living and breathing example of trying to get 2 companies as well as 2 sons, their school and the household fit together, which is just not possible as it equals 3 full time jobs
  • once you step into your truth and release the old limitations, beliefs and negative energy, you can manifest and magnetise what you want
  • by letting go off the past, things we cannot change and way too many tasks on our to-do-list we start to freestyle our lives, it is a decision you can declare at any time
  • the root cause is locked away in the subconscious mind
  • get assistance of a mentor or facilitator who has gone through this before and follow a proven system in order to liberate yourself from whatever keeps you blocked and stuck
  • what you focus on persists and due to the Law of Attraction you create more of it
  • believing in the conditions is disempowering and a survival fear based lie, keeping us stuck
  • stop neg. expectations and skip saying ‘I must, should or have to…’. It feels real but it´s victimhood
  • stop running unconsciously on autopilot through your day and become present and aware
  • way too many people live in the past or in the future without being present

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • her specific gift is to channel the subconscious to find the core root and eliminate it. This is the difference between her work and therapy or other forms of coaching where people often afterwards beat themselves up with the information they found out and by missing a system to follow it is nearly impossible to know how to process it and move through
  • if you follow a proven system it i is much easier to becoming and evolving into your true self
  • the first step is to find the core wound/ root cause and then to release the negative energy in order to stop attracting the same sort of experiences
  • the inner work is the healing step by ripping the root out of your system and then taking inspired action to alchemising it into Gold
  • step out of worry and anxiety and then magnetize and manifest as a clean vessel
  • set up your own standards, values, boundaries and requirements and share them honestly with your whole mind and heart
  • ask yourself where, who and what do I give my power to and reclaim your power instead of being the victim
  • trust your intuition and step into the unknown, there is the growth and alignment with your truth
  • don´t care what other people think about you and you are free!


  • the blockages relate to different archetypes, e.g. the people pleaser is the prostitute, you are selling your soul for external validation and approval
  • the other disempowering archetypes are the child, victim and saboteur, telling you what you can´t and comes up with excuses
  • the perceived safety and security in the comfort zone is a lie to ourselves and a self-sabotaging pattern
  • victim energy attracts other victims, learn to say NO from a loving place
  • if you have symptoms your body is screaming for attention
  • you always have a choice to go on living a life that is not yours or to break free and live the life you love

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