Marie-Elizabeth Mali is a philanthropist like myself and dedicated to showing you how to shift from living the life you were taught to live to living the life you were born to live. She is a Midlife Transformation Specialist guiding women to stop sacrificing their relationship to their work and learn to allow love to expand who they are in the world.

Discover the power of allowing a relationship to open you to more of your authentic self, which you can then share with the world from a deeper place. She also shows, how relationship and entrepreneurship can support one another instead of being in conflict or pulling you apart. She lived in 3 countries and tried to fit in but still felt isolated.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • living your true authentic self is key to fulfillment
  • trying to fit in is a survival strategy from ealy childhood
  • trying to fit is not at all the solution to a healthy and happy life
  • if you´re already experiencing severe illness, burnout or depression, see a doctor or coach for assistance who helps you walk through tough times 
  • fitting in is trying to please the outside, you need learn to set boundaries over time
  • it´s your own decision what behaviour of others you tolerate 
  • people fear the pain, try to avoid it or push it away and worst, ignore it and try to go on in the same way but the shadows and blocked energies are interfering in the background, often without even being aware of it

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • realize being a ‘people pleaser’ to belong and in order to be appropriate, you´re showing up masked and not as yourself
  • jump on the journey of awakening into your true authentic self 
  • become aware and be yourself in every area of your life and thrive 
  • learn, not to follow the old patterns to please everybody, as this is holding you back
  • feeling belonged is an iside job, trying to belong and fit in is a way of self-sabotage
  • realize, what you love and enjoy, to find out who you really are and discover yourself in a brandnew way
  • respect your mind and body as instances of yourself 
  • the more you live authentically, the more you find the sense of clarity and trust in yourself
  • become more present, conscious and self-aware and observe whas going on
  • we´re all running to much on unconscious autopilot mode
  • embrace the suck and accept what is as it is already anyway and get help from a coach who has walked the path before
  • ask yourself what do I need to learn here?
  • if we don´t learn the lesson, problems come back wrapped in another paper
  • in my case of 4 cancer diseases, this was being too much of a people pleaser helping everybody while already having a 24 h day being a single mum with 2 sons and leading 2 companies trying to belong and fit in, ignoring my soul and body to stay on track. This was sabotaging myself, the body began to talk louder and louder until I transformed my whole life over in over to finally show up authentically and Marie-Elizabeth also came to the conclusion that trying to fit in, sabotaged her
  • positive thinking is good but not sufficient as often you don´t believe, what you´re telling yourself there and then the mindfricks and Ego interfere again 
  • you need to change your mindset, release and let go of things you´re holding on
  • clear the energies, release the blocked energy and let the circle of energy flow again


  • if we go on following other peoples opinions and trying to match their opinions in order to fit in and belong, this can show up in severe illness after the soul and body have been talking to us in light symptoms for a long time
  • if you are doing more and more of what you love and enjoy, you´re on the path of authenticity and to yourself
  • belonging only comes from trust in yourself and accepting yourself totally with all bright sides and the negative sides, the shadows
  • be willing to feel the feelings pushed back in the basement which keep you stuck
  • allow them to be what they are in order to let go
  • come back to self-love
  • become aware of your expectations as all you assume affects your life radically
  • become aware of your thoughts as they become feelings which determine your actions which then determine your results
  • discover yourself under the backpack of what you took on in life
  • learn to ask for what you need and want, esp. in your relationships

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