In this interview with my friend J.P. McAvoy, founder and Managing Partner of Conduct Law, we explore the importance of being visionary to see new trends, disrupting patterns and the old way of doing things in order to thrive personally and as an entrepreneur. He acts for clients buying, selling, and starting up businesses and started out building a biz from the ground with Elon Musk.

J.P. represents a diverse range of corporations in Canada, the United States, and Asia and is the host of ‘The Millionaire Lawyer Podcast’. He practices corporate and commercial law, is a business consultant with CPLS, P.A. and assists his clients with a wide range of business transactions including incorporations, financings and acquisitions, re-organizations, and related corporate entity structuring matters. Being a classmate to Elon Musk and his brother they built up a business from the ground and sold it for $ 700 Mio.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • successful entrepreneurs need to have a different mindset and energy management in order to move their biz forward
  • sometimes we remain to be our ‘own employees’
  • to move forward, we need trusted advisors and coaches and as the boss, we need outsource things we don´t like or suck at and automate the business with qualified tools, that´s originally what ‘Freestyle Your Life & Business’ means
  • figure out, what the best use of your precious time is
  • always search for better ways to do business by disrupting the industry and commercializing it (like Elon always did)
  • e.g. blockbuster was replaced by Netflix, major changes we see in various industries such as the banking system by online banks, print industry as well computer industry

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • find your zone of genius, focus on what you´re best at and outsource and automate the administrative tasks
  • figure out, what works best to organize yourself and your business
  • weigh costs of outsourcing against tasks (eg paid software)
  • be open to change
  • be flexible and adopt things
  • leverage your time


  • be radiant and visionary and on the lookout for new ways to do things and explore trends
  • to take the steps of the transformational process work with advisors to bring the business forward
  • disrupt patterns and look for better ways and let go of things you´re not aligned with
  • be open to change and new trends, otherwise you may be replaced sooner or later
  • do what moves the needle best for you

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