Katja Rusanen is a Spiritual Counselor and Mentor for Lightworkers. She inspires coaches, consultants, alternative therapists, and healers to overcome their energetic blocks and fears of visibility so that they can share their message and succeed with their purpose. Another aspect we talked about is how to learn to find joy again after going through challenging experiences.

Katja’s pragmatic approach, combined with her spiritual awareness, helps her clients get results fast. For years she has helped coaches, consultants, alternative therapists, and healers all over the world to overcome their energetic blocks and fears of visibility so that they can share their message, serve more paying clients, and succeed with their purpose.

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • before focusing on the outer world you need to learn how to change your relationship with yourself
  • we´re in the ‘earth school’, this is our place to learn and grow
  • things don´t happen to you, they happen for and through you
  • it´s all about how we relate to what happens and what story we make out of it
  • life has always both sides, the struggle and the good times
  • regarding your expectations also listen in to episode # 009 with the amazing Art Costello when we talk about how our expectations are influencing our life
  • we need to overcome our fears and judgments against ourselves
  • our body is a storage unit, we repeat patterns over and over until we learn the lesson inside
  • if neg. things happen and if we stuff them down and don´t resolve the emotion, we store them in our system
  • this adds up to energetic blocks which are likely to pop up again when triggered
  • a coach can´t walk the journey for you but can hold the space and support you by showing you a path you can then walk little steps ahead
  • get yourself the support and accept what is and find the message you need to learn inside
  • in some cases a physical surgery is necessary
  • her own grief, blame, and hopelessness of losing a loved one put her on the learning path of spirituality
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • if you want to make a greater impact on the planet you need to overcome energetic blocks and fears of visibility and share your message
  • accept the learning your challenges provide in order to get better
  • trust that there is a way through the darkness you experience
  • keep going, don´t give up
  • move through and never give up and you´ll grow through the challenges you face
  • it´s possible to shift the relation you have to your story and how you feel about it
  • you can choose your attitude towards it
  • what is the story you are making around the pain and start a conversation with the pain
  • listen and hear it
  • you don´t need to suffer as part of the grief or blame
  • your mind is playing tricks with you by bringing up the situation seeming totally real
  • to resolve the energy blocks which keep you suffering go back to the core event, judgment or issue and work on releasing the emotion
  • tune inside and open up to hear the message and come into a passion with your body
  • stop self-sabotage and judging yourself
  • uncover your next best step through seeing the situation through Soul-centered eyes
  • leave the struggling behind and start living even more abundant life full of love, joy, and happiness!
  • locate the feeling in your body and allow it to be present, acknowledge it and let go
  • accept what is and find the message you need to learn inside
  • ask yourself what you´re thinking, feeling and doing to find the core issue
  • like we both did you probably need to go through the process of becoming aware of the symptom
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I´m providing you with insights and life-changing stories shared by fantastic experts to share a glimpse of hope for you on your own journey. Healing can come from being motivated and inspired how others could overcome their obstacles and could find joy again as learning from life hero’s journey gives hope.

Katja gifted us with a session (45 min) to “Uncover Your Next Best Step”. You can pick any aspect of your life that you feel you’re stuck in right now — business, career, relationships, or even spirituality. During the session, I help you to uncover your next best step through seeing the situation through Soul-centered eyes so that you can leave the struggling behind and start living even more abundant life full of love, joy, and happiness!

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