Sandra Bellamy shares her asexual life journey and follows her mission to educate others about asexuality so that in the future, all asexuals can be authentic and live in society happily and share their voice in the world. She created the Youtube Channel ‘Asexualise Your Asexual Life’ to empower and enhance other asexuals to be comfortable and confident with their asexuality and to know, they are not alone.

Sandra Bellamy is known as The Asexual Entrepreneur and as an asexual published author (under her own publishing imprint of Quirky Books). She´s also an asexual speaker and an asexual educator and inspirer.
In 2009 she discovered her life purpose of writing. She´s a published author with 4 ebooks out on Amazon and under her own publishing imprint of Quirky Books. Asexual Perspectives, 47 Asexual Stories, Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Diversity, can be purchased on Amazon and ordered from most good book stores in the USA and is available to read for free, in 6 libraries throughout the UK and will go down as a part of English Heritage for people to use for their research for generations to come. Thereby she´s leaving a lasting legacy. She also designs her own brand of Asexualise merchandise for asexuals. Right now she is working on her upcoming book ‘Manage Fibromyalgia like a superhero Rockstar’. Suffering from this, too, I surely will get it.

Before starting her Asexuality Journey, she was teaching social media for both, personal and business. She now comes back to that and soon will be launching a new store, with done for you social media packs of inspirational quotes and social media automation & marketing.

Asking Sandra, how she did come to where she is today, she told about 2012 being a truly life-changing year. She was diagnosed with an unseen disability for life (fibromyalgia) and as a consequence, she freed herself of depression, that she had been suffering with since a kid. Seeing Tony Robbins live on stage also completely changed her life. Now she lives like a teenager on purpose with a teenage 21st mindset. In 2017 she went to Disneyland Paris to celebrate her ‘21st mindset birthday’. She is known as quirky and as being different from everyone else. She finally embraced her quirky philosophy to overcome depression. She didn't know she was asexual until 2014, but it may all have been started at the age of 6 and ended in abusive relationships.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Asexuality is a sexual orientation lacking sexual attraction, not a choice
  • there is nothing broken or to fix, just to accept the way it is, it´s right
  • no asexual has to live in fear of ridicule or shame ever again or to be anxious about dating
  • you can come to her asexual meetups in her home town Exeter, UK
  • people seem to value romance way more than a platonic friendship
  • society considers sex as part of a relationship
  • about 1 % of the population is asexual

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • writing lights up your soul, to talk or write about your topic can change
  • she finally embraced her quirky philosophy to overcome depression
  • also as quirky you can make a difference in the world and leave a legacy
  • gain the knowledge and skills needed to survive & thrive in a highly sexualized world
  • heal the lack of self-love and being afraid, not to fit in or lose the person when saying No
  • make yourself priority
  • don´t corrupt your soul doing things that don´t feel right
  • go for your own core values
  • to walk away and let go, if things don´t feel good, is an act of self-love
  • choose to be 21 again, like Sandra and I did, with a ‘teenage mindset’ you feel empowered and vital


  • it is all about being your true authentic self, no matter what anyone else says, thinks, or does
  • embrace to be quirky and be your true authentic self
  • date within the community of asexuals
  • be authentic with being asexual

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