Learn, why it is so important to become vulnerable and speak out about childhood sexual abuse and mental illness in order to eliminate, fear, stigma, and shame by Ed Squire, survivor of multiple childhood abuse. He started the nonprofit 'MeTooWhatNow' to follow his mission of speaking out and raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse and mental illness.

Ed states the importance of finding your words and connection if you’re a survivor of CSA or have a mental illness. Follow Ed on his journey from abused to empowered as he works to help those suffering from PTSD with his nonprofit .
In November of 2015, Ed Squire began talking about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child and how it was affecting him as an adult. This set off a chain of events that changed his life forever.

He was earning a 6-figure income as a top-tier business consultant for Fortune 500 and global companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. Within 6 months he was on disability with PTSD, anxiety, and depression and by the end of the year, he was terminated.

In the spring of 2018, he started a nonprofit called 'MeTooWhatNow' to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse and mental illness. What’s different about his organization is that Ed discovered a unique way of creating contemporary, mainstream videos on YouTube to reach his audience. In the first 10 months, over 10,000 minutes were viewed from 34 videos over 4,200 times and almost 100 people subscribed to the channel. Ed was shocked because he had no prior experience making videos and his topic carries fear, stigma, and shame. On top of this, he’s not a health care professional! Far from being a ‘YouTube sensation’, he’s ecstatic that his audience is finding MeTooWhatNow supportive, encouraging, and inspiring.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • it takes courage to speak out and eliminiate fear, stigma and shame esp. about such a topic
  • but facing the situation is the only way to overcome the trauma
  • find back to self-worth and to change
  • way too often we realize we need to change but fear or shame kicks in and we´re too afraid and surpressing the trauma or putting it behind makes the suffering even worse
  • any trigger at any point of life can cause a memory and resurface the trauma, as it always stays in your head and body if it´s not healed
  • it´s important to ask, what causes you to feel the way you feel and release it
  • it can then blow up to complex PTSD, depression and disabilities like in Ed´s case
  • if you believe in your recovery it is very supportive, if you don´t believe what you wish to come through, this slows it down or even makes it impossible

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Ed faced complex PTSD, which means you´ve experienced multiple trauma over an extended period of time
  • we know, symptoms are a sign, that our mind, body or soul can´t cope with something and a cry for help
  • Ed got into group therapy with the organization Wings in Denver to talk about what happened to ease the pain
  • become aware of what´s bothering you and stand up for yourself 
  • consider if responding eg. To bullies is healthy for you
  • become visible and share your story isn´t easy but embracing what is leads to peace
  • forgiveness is key, first & formost yourself for hiding, if possible also the abuser, because it means healing for yourself
  • release the anger and regret
  • learn techniques to calm down, eg. medication
  • find your purpose and show up authentically


  • Self-care is the most important thing
  • If everything feels heavy and you just want to be lifted up seek and ask for help
  • talking about your traumatic situation is healing
  • sometimes it takes trauma to find ourselves and stop the self-sabotaging patterns inside
  • we can learn, grow and heal from trauma
  • everything in our life is happening for a reason, we need to find out the core message behind
  • unfortunately sexual abuse is not uncommon, but once we commit to speak out we can find back to ourselves
  • in fact, the traumatic situation is over, but we still suffer from it years later, sometimes our whole life, until we face things, learn to release it, come into peace with it and react different
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