We are capable of profound healing. Often it takes monumental shifts in our thoughts and routines, sometimes social upheavals like divorce and career changes, to maintain our energy, creativity and stay healthy. Self-care, self-education, being our own advocate and being bold is essential in the Information Age. Follow your dream and fine-tune life into authenticity. 

Ms. Wilson is the author of a novel, a children's book with an accompanying study guide, a memoir, and a poetry collection. She is a Columnist at TBR Tampa Bay Reporter.

She earned a B.A. in English and Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Originally from Nebraska, she returned to Florida in 1980 and did graduate work at the University of South Florida. She was employed in human resources and in a medical outreach program before becoming a teacher and tutor at advanced learning centers.

Wilson lives in St. Petersburg, FL, and enjoys her companion cats, gardening, reading, writing, photography, bird watching, and cooking. She describes herself as “especially drawn to the natural world,” and is interested in emotional wellness, healthcare reform, and animal welfare.

In her book ‘Waaaay beyond Lemonade’ she is persevering nearly four decades through breast cancer and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and advocates for mental health care reform and describes newfound peace and purpose.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • it takes courage, persistence, and constancy to change
  • way too often we realize we need to change but fear kicks in and we´re too afraid
  • we both have been through (cancer and divorce) and needed to find our own true authentic self and radically change our lives to live authentically but both have triumphed over the adversity that is coming up and made the radical life changes
  • when severe diseases occur it´s mostly just too much and the mind and body just can´t stand it and react to show us we´re going in the wrong way
  • women today tend to find out their purpose much earlier than we in our mid-life
  • ‘the frenetic model’ of everything needs to be productive too often lead to burnout
  • living authentically is a process you need to grow into

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • become aware of what´s bothering you and stand up for yourself
  • find your purpose and show up authentically
  • be our own advocate, we have to be bold to radically follow our dreams
  • recognize what is in the range of your influence
    do not keep standing there doing anything about the situation
  • trust your body, you are the only one to know your ‘vessel’
  • our physiology can´t cope with all the evolved changes, stepping out is a choice
    by changing your life radically often it is possible to get off medication as symptoms go away (the side effects are enormous, in my case, it took me 1,5 year to detox from it with smoothies)
  • keep of media consumption and mob mentality
  • start with small changes, on step after the other and get support from somebody who has been through it
  • break free of the evolutionary cultural path you´re in and find and follow you own path


  • Self-care is the most important thing, trust your body when telling you what´s wrong
  • we need to rebel and be our own advocate and closure with the past
  • concentrated on emotional healing and well-being through Yoga and aerobic exercises to find back to peace and joy and come out of medication
  • break free from cultural and family expectations and find your own authentic way of living
  • wrote and republished her books which took lots of courage first to write about personal things
  • you need to find what works best for you
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