Joy Idries, Expert facilitator of deep and transformational life changes, follows her mission to liberate 1 million people from their suffering and wake them up to the awareness, that they are much bigger than anything that happens to them and showing them how to live joyfully every day of their lives and thrive.

In this episode, you will be inspired, how to get through the horrific experiences you endured and come to a beautiful place of peace and joy. Learn how transformation is possible and it doesn’t have to be a long, hard journey. It is possible to come to a sense of peace and to embrace life joyfully.

To facilitate this transformation, she draws on many years of experience and wisdom to safely and lovingly guide seekers through the veils and blocks of the old paradigm and move into an awareness of their own highest truth where total peace, contentment and joy can be found. Her passion is to facilitate deep heart connection and healing on the path of surrender to the Divine.

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Facts / Strategy learnings:
  • joy is a daily practise, follow her Slogan ‚ Hallo joy, goodbye suffering‘ each day
  • Joy got the patterns of suffering right from the moment, she was born and troughout her abusive childhood, violent rape at the age of 14 and abusive marriage
  • over and over she experienced, that life is dangerous and to protect herself, she went into survival mode and let her body close down
  • she developed chronic illness like cancer, depression, back pain and more
  • she proves, that it´s possible to survive bad situations by transforming sufferings into joy, Love and peace
  • me too, after 18 operations including 4 times cancer illness, I learned to understand the symptoms, my body talk and the advice they are bringing, I embraced my inner healer and made friendship with my symptoms sitting at a round table listening and give the body the attention needed
  • if we don´t understand our soul talking to us this leads to the body talking to us
  • inner journeys and learning the language of the soul are so important to healing
  • don´t hide, talk about your situation, find a coach who has gone though a similiar situation and seek help, you too can step out of the victimhood, self-sabotaging patterns and trauma
Tips & Tricks / Secrets:
  • until she discovered a method of inner healing she suffered so much
  • she now practises the method of going in and accessing the trauma and coming to completion with what happened by having imaginary conversations with everybody involved to finally free up from past experiences and the neg. energy that blocks you and come into peace
  • the subconcious doesn´t know the difference between imagined and real
  • stop being a people pleaser and love yourself first and let go
  • be grateful for the experiences you´ve made and gain joy from surrendering and surviving them
  • don´t lie to yourself by living a life, that is not authentical to you
  • it´s all about ‘what we expect and how we react to things’, decide to make the neccessary changes
  • don´t resist to what you experience and don´t fight against yourself as then you´re focusing on it and will get even more of it
  • let go of the pain, old stories and victimhood and release the past and become present
  • observe, notice and become aware of what´s going on and embrace the shadows, clear the issues and break free
  • interrupt the negative thought patterns, your subconscious mind doens´t know what´s real or imagined
  • no matter what trauma you´re going through, it´s possible to get in touch with that part inside of you that is much bigger than all of that, embrace it and move through and come out of the struggle
  • most of the coaches, who specialized today in a particular area, suffered there before transforming and finding their life purpose, like Joy is a facilitator for the transformation of suffering into joy, me I´m a specialist in the field of braking free, inner child healing and becoming your authentic self and aligning with it and learning self-mastery
  • in any case, find a coach who walked the path and can give you the shortcuts that can be done to shorten your healing journey
  • you can always reach out to any coach presented on the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast and also to myself. WE are living our mission that is bigger than ourselves and are happy to assist and support you!
  • To share your message with the world is a part of inner healing and all experts and myself are sharing their true life stories to inspire you to move on in order to experience the bright side of what you suffer from and find the message and gift inside your situation
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Love the Podcast!
Love the Podcast!NancyPhil , 04/10/2019
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Great podcast! Thought provoking and to the point.
Great topics!
Great topics!memali108 , 04/11/2019
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Erneste Carla Zimmerman walks the talk and brings her hard-earned wisdom to her conversations with her guests. Great inspiration for anyone seeking to live authentically and create a life that works for them!
Just dove in.
Just dove in.Smart Forms , 04/14/2019
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Just dove in and can't wait to hear more!
Columnist/authorMerry Ruthe , 04/14/2019
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Erneste Carla Zimmerman brings her personal dynamism and empathy to each interview, making her guests feel at ease. There is such diversity here, so many paths that are exciting and inspiring, as each participant has broken free of past disappointments and/or setbacks to create a self-determined new life.
Freestlye Your Life Podcast
Freestlye Your Life Podcastjuliesaillant , 04/14/2019
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Talking with Erneste Carla Zimmerman was amazing! She is a woman who knows her stuff and helps her audience understand often difficult topics and gives the listeners tactical information they can use in their lives. This is a MUST LISTEN TOO PODCAST!!!
Excellent Podcast
Excellent PodcastMichael Guberti , 04/15/2019
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The Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast is excellent. Erneste asks high-quality questions during the interviews & provides her listeners with useful tactics. Get ready to take flight with the FLY Podcast!
I love this topic!
I love this topic!Kim Julen , 04/17/2019
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I love Erneste's "less is more" theme and I'm excited to learn about how to live a more authentic and inspired life!
Authentic Insights shared
Authentic Insights sharedNancy Guberti , 04/30/2019
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Freestyle Your Life Podcast with Erneste Carla Zimmermann offers stories, tips and insight to live your authenic life. She faced death & restyled life, named the, Queen of Transformation. Listen and be inspired.
Awesome Podcast
Awesome Podcastdeepgurl , 05/15/2019
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Ernesta is committed to bringing people great ways to actually heal themselves and create lives they love living. She's been through it all, and conducts her interviews with that depth of lived wisdom.
Fantastic!MichaelNeeley , 05/23/2019
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Erneste Carla has created such inspiration with this show, episode after episode. The guests are great, the topics are interesting, and she adds her own talent and insights in a way that creates magic.
Quality Content
Quality Content.user.246 , 10.04.2019
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We are living in a world where living an authentic and happy life becomes more and more important. This Podcast is not only loaded with quality content, but also led by a woman who has fought her way to living excactly that kind of life and who is determined to help people who always dreamed about living a life like that achieve their goals. We need more people like that!
Great podcast, highly recommended!
Great podcast, highly recommended!Hnnolllly , 09.04.2019
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Comes over very real and really helps!