Get inspired on how to find back to yourself, shift your emotions and learn, how to bring
pleasure into all aspects of your life and live a HIGH VIBRATIONAL life, which INCLUDES,
being YOU and PLAYING at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Carolin works on family constellations in
group sessions.

In this episode, you will be inspired to be authentically you and to follow your own destiny.
One of the crucial first steps to High Vibrational Living is knowing your true Yes and No and to release the negative imprints. We need to make an energetical shift as we project ‚the inner world‘ into ‚the outer world‘. Carolin stuggled herself with burnout and chronique fatique as well as eating disorders 6 years ago. She learned to shift the energy on all 4 levels, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the energetic level.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • when you turn against yourself the devil wins
  • true happiness comes from being at peace with yourself
  • we need to stand up and speak out, what we want and feel
  • it´s all about ‘what we expect and how we react to things’
  • our intentions determine how we feel
  • negative imprints in the nervous system and judgements are opinions of the Ego and not the truth
  • the subconscious creates prictures we are not aware of
  • if we hold back our emotions our body is holding back pleasure as the neg. emotions get stored in our system
  • some have been “blocked” by what they carried, since birth, others for 10,20,30 or even 50 years...and/or for generations
  • tune in and feel the sensation
  • our body is not made to eat animal products, we need the microbes to digest it
  • she favourates plant based diet and to eat lighter

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • become more present, more aware and more passionate
  • time to let go, release and forgive yourself and make peace with yourself and release old feelings like anger, shame, guilt and other
  • with family constellations you can work on any issue, that is plagging you
  • there are things you can do to free yourself, like eating mucus free, learning about energy hygiene and applying it
  • doing your emotional work (through tools like the emotional integration tool) and your spiritual / mind practices
  • embrace yourself fully, nobody is just perfect, embody totally
  • she wrote her book ‚Blossom‘ about sexual healing


  • everything we create we create from subconcious pictures
  • forgive yourself and come into peace
  • if you're ready to get out of survival and struggle and into a place of thriving and functioning at your best, you could listen to her free audio!
  • Put the power back into your own hands and shift your own energetic vibrational state of being

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