Dolores Storness-Bliss is a Cooking Coach helping you reverse unhealthy eating patterns and to cultivate healthy eating habits and thereby reducing stress around ‘what to have for dinner. In her online course ‘HealthyCooking4BusyPeople’ she is taking participants from chaotic dinner times to easily cooking healthy meals while having wonderful family time around the dinner table.

She wrote the ‘Nature’s Garden Favourites eCookbook’ and dedicates her time to helping busy entrepreneurial and professional women, to shift their eating from toxic processed foods to cooking healthy real food in the same amount of time that it takes to eat out or order in.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • she shows how already busy people can fit healthy cooking into their daily schedule
  • make your health a priority and eat healthy food, it is foundational to your health
  • shifting your mindset to making healthy cooking a priority does ease healthy cooking
  • a healthy environment and cultivating healthy cooking habits sets you up for success
  • step 1- notice and observe what´s going on and change your language into ‘I get to cook dinner for myself and my family, delete I have to and I am a healthy person and I take charge of my health’
  • step 2- skip habits that are not useful and book shopping, prep and cooking into your schedule as a fun and family activity
  • step 3- create and install better habits and teach your kids healthy cooking which is a beneficial survival kit for them
  • now you only need to follow through

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • the key is to make yourself a priority and involve kids in the process
  • declare shopping together once a week and preparation as family time
  • transform ingredients into different meals
  • clean up while cooking cuts down the work


  • once things become a habit they get done
  • healthy organic food doesn´t have to be craazy expensive, esp. not in consideration of the cost of health issues arising later from eating junk food
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