Get inspired to enjoy the life you love and to find the right relationship by Iliana Sanchez, a certified Wellness Coach, certified Fitness Trainer, author, speaker, and a passionate women supporter. Iliana’s passion is to guide women on their journey to the life they love. She has developed a clear framework for women in transition to attract and keep the life of their dreams.

Even if today she can guide you on your wellness journey and finds herself living a healthy and fulfilling life, there was a time when she was lost and her life seemed upside down.
After countless years of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. Iliana started having massive breakthroughs. She followed a clear path and that's why she is so passionate about helping you on your journey to reach your full potential.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • a bad relationship can kill your heart and overall health
  • your self-love and self-care is the foundation to all
  • if you are fulfilled by yourself, you´re at the point to be ready for a relationship
  • otherwise, you are in a needy mode and giving too much
  • nobody from the outside can fill your emptiness inside

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • the key is to make yourself a priority
  • come into balance and align your soul, mental and physical health
  • do not set for the guy who seems to be the shiny object
  • give yourself what you seek from outside and be your best friend
  • it´s the best prevention against emotional addiction
  • there is hope, find a coach or group to prevent bad relationships and become vulnerable


  • do not tolerate what is unacceptable, otherwise, your self-worth limits
  • set borders and stop relationships with cheating or abusive partners and get help
  • you can join her FB-Group and Program Mojo Mastery, Unleash Your Full Potential To Attract The Life You Love
  • grab her new book ‘The Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating’ on her website, it will help you change your love life for good
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