Julie Saillant is a Certified Life Optimization Coach, Equine Communicator and Motivational Writer and Speaker on her own radio show. She helps people transform their lives by teaching them, how to get into Divine Flow, which comes from the sacred wisdom of horses. These teachings will transform your life and allow you to live 100% authentically.

Julie empowers you to awaken to your intuition, motivating you to take inspired action to shine and
live your best life.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • working in Corporate America her uniqueness was not appreciated
  • she is a master in the conversation with horses and reveals, that they have the brain
    of a 9-year old and have their own personalities
  • horses are healers as they help and teach us to be present and in the NOW and
    reflect our energy and also realize when we are incongruent

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • the 3-step process for divine Flow: To evolve we need to first clear our chakras and
    become aware
  • breathe golden healing light deep into the belly and your body and let it also surround
  • imagine opening up like a flower and pushing the negative stuff out
  • use consistent positive self-talk (affirmations) like ‘ this is gonna be a great day, I can
    do it’ to eliminate the negative self-talk, which is the unconscious tape playing in your
  • whatever you focus on grows, stop worrying about the things, you can´t change
  • notice what is going on and train to look at things without emotion
  • unlearn sabotaging habits and don´t judge yourself, see the opposite of it
  • it is your time now, make yourself a priority


  • become aware of the unconscious programs running in the background
  • become authentic and wake up to your true calling and put yourself out there a 100%
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