Michael Woodward is teaching you, how to turn your dream into reality. He is the founder of ‘JumbleThink’. The ‘JumbleThink Podcast’ focuses on telling the story of entrepreneurs who turned their dreams and ideas into reality. Michael also consults and speaks on topics including idea formation, innovation strategies, the art of simplicity and created purpose.

The podcast has been ranked number one on the business and career categories on iTunes. It is also syndicated on 16 AM and FM radio stations nation wide. In 2018 and 2019 he was named an Icon of Influence by The New Media Summit as a leading podcaster. His new book is called 'The Dreamer's Guide to Micro Experiements'. He also runs the ‘Idea Camps’ to help you, create the roadmap to turn your dreams and ideas into reality. The 3-day event is filled with sessions with leading Thought Leaders and Speakers, Workshops, Mastermind Groups, and fun activities to help you discover, that the impossible is possible.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • all of us were created for a purpose, the quest is to step into it, the world needs you
  • discover your purpose and who you truly are and don´t compare yourself to others
  • fulfill your purpose and dreams
  • don´t settle for the safe or play small, try this & that and find out, what is fulfilling you
  • don´t separate your life into sections, be more holistic about your wholle life
  • everything influences everything
  • step into the fullness, we´re the same person serving at different places
  • paint the full picture you wanna live in wholeness
  • overnight success is illusionary

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • find joy also in the hardship, push through darker seasons with hope and perseverance
  • come from a place of being thankful for whatever season you are in
  • don´t let objections or fear stop you, go for what you want
  • growth is outside the comfort zone
  • short-term goals and micro-experiments make realization of the big dream easier
  • use micro-experiments to break down big goals into actionable steps
  • 1. buid a place of safety and break down big goals
  • 2. set clear and simple goals with timespan of max. 1 month
  • 3. learn & grow on the Go
  • 4. step into it, run the experiment and engage
  • 5. push into the future and document what you experimented
  • 6. observe and reflect
  • 7. continue and adjust


  • take the leap of faith & encouragement to change the world around you
  • even if it´s hard, it will be worth it to make the bigger impact
  • go for your dreams!
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