David Shriner-Cahn is a recognized authority on entrepreneurship, leadership development, and the host of the business podcast ‘Smashing the Plateau’. Featured in Forbes and Inc. Magazine and in over 500 episodes of ‘Smashing the Plateau’, he offers a wealth of personal experiences and practical advice about achieving business breakthroughs. He helps you, to do what you love and get paid what you’re worth.

David´s newest project is a new podcast to support ‘suddenly unemployed’ people who, in their mid-career, are set free and don´t know what to do next. Some become ‘solopreneurs by circumstances’. As the markets change so quick, many workforces end up to get laid off. The audience age is between 45 and 60 years and they find themselves out of work and hardly can´t find another job that is meaningful and at the same level of compensation.

If you are among this targeted audience, finding yourself set free, then take the chance and talk to David or be interviewed also on his new podcast ‘suddenly unemployed’.
You can reach out to David via Email: David@SmashingThePlateau.com

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • it is hard for highly-talented professionals to get paid, what they're worth
  • the simpler the business model, the better and more profitable your business 
  • he helps clients, to set up systems of ongoing structure and he manages the process in order for his clients to get things done, that are out of their comfort zone 
  • barriers to success are often based on emotional attachment
  • we lack self-worth and don´t ask for what we want

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • find out, what provides the biggest value for our customers and what is easiest for you to produce
  • get everybody involved to stay on track with the implementation 
  • shift the business from a project-based business to having recurring clients 
  • valuables for him are: 
  • find your core strength
  • find out, what you love doing best
  • find out where and whom you can serve best with your qualities 
  • then set up systems and make it as easy as possible to implement
  • support can be provided in 1:1 format, but group formats have the benefit, that like-minded business owners can support each other
  • first and foremost, determine what you want to achieve, your big vision, breakthrough
  • start with the end in mind and then walk back and find out the change needed


  • the goal is, to simplify, automate and outsource processes 
  • business breakthroughs are not an overnight success
  • it´s not about work-life-balance
  • personal and business transformation is about work-life integration, to bring personal - and business into alignment and balance
  • build a business model, that builds consistent, recurring revenue
  • obtain multiple income sources
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