As an author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. Art offers wisdom as well as tangible tools for success, that will help boost your confidence, encourage your journey, and affirm you as you begin to enjoy the freer, more productive life you’ve always longed for. He is also a talent scout and a counselor at Mercy Mental Health and speaks to the faculty of psychology at Harvard.

In this episode, Art inspires you, how you can transform your life by changing your negative expectations. Listen to Art and learn, how our expectations lead our lives and what we can do, to transform our lives. Art is also the author of the book ‘ Expectation Therapy’ and the founder and host of the podcast ‘Shower Epiphanies’.

Art currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beverly. He also has three grown-up children and five grandchildren. Art’s background includes serving as a Marine in Vietnam, playing college and semi-professional baseball, and working as a talent scout in the entertainment industry working also with world-renowned “play” researcher, Dr. Stuart Brown.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • even if you are abandoned, like Art was at the age of 9 and later, when his wife died due to cancer, there is always hope and faith
  • Art had to learn everything on his own as there was no guidance which strengthened his intuition 
  • if you see challenges as a learning experience, you can conquer them and grow
  • epiphanies are the precursor to an expectation 
  • an expectation without action is merely a thought
  • there is hardly nothing, that is not based on expectations as we are on autopilot mode nearly all the time
  • by becoming mindful to the positive expectations and learning to master and manage them, you can step out of the autopilot mode
  • you gain clarity and confidence which propels you to a better life
  • reflecting his life, he realized, we are given all the tools to survive and we are the master of our life as soon, as we become aware of the expectations, that drive us 

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • we look at our expectations either through the lens of fear, which stops us or faith, which propels us to move through it
  • his book ‘Expectation Therapy’ is a 3-step-behavioral formula to overcome tragedy and burden 
  • The process is to become mindful for your core expectations, get clear on them and bring them into alignment
  • The 3-step formula of expectations is: 
  • identify(start a conversation with your higher self), clarify (start mulling it over & over and then write them down and create a step-by-step plan to act on
  • use your Emotional Intelligence to answer these 3 most important questions, which leed to a deep dive into discovering yourself 
  • Ask yourself: Who you are, what you want and what is important to you
  • to clear of your mind means to record or write down your epiphanies and if you decide to use them, act on them 
  • we sabotage ourselves through neg. expectations and fear, reverse neg. expectations and always look at things with a positve expectation 
  • return back to yourself, who you are, why you are here and what you´re meant to be and stop doing things that are not authentic to you
  • we are, what we believe, and we live to what we expect 
  • be careful, what you tell your children as they are likely tol take it on


  • your core expectations are the most important tool you have for personal growth and happiness
  • Depression, anxiety and PTSD come from neg. expectations 
  • Favourate Quote: Dont´delay. Procastination is a way for us to be satisfied with second rate results. We can always tell ourselves, we could have done a better job, if only we had more time. If you´re good at rationalizing, you can keep yourself rather satisfied this way, but it´s a cheep happiness
  • take personal responsibility for yourself 
  • the enemy is within us: We are self-sabotaging us with negative expectations and caged emotions 
  • sometimes the greatest lesson comes from your biggest challenges
  • you´ll never have a failure if you learn from your life experiences
  • Go live Life, don´t let fear stop you and life will reward you
  • FLY-Freestyle-your-Life means: Step out of autopilot mode, become aware and mindful of your neg. expectations and reverse them. Healing comes from returning back to ourlseves, becoming authentic and skipping the rest 

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