Eric Nevins hosts the ‘Halfway There Podcast’ and is the author of ‘8 Day Experience’.
We discuss, how we can find back to our authentic self and live spiritually aligned with the universe. In his live event, the ‘8 Day Experience’ and the ‚Bible studies‘, he emphasizes the process of honoring the humanity of the person and their spiritual development.

Eric studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and on his ‘Halfway There Podcast’ he talks with his guests about their spiritual journey. Halfway there means, that we are on a never-ending journey of discovering ourselves and the relation to others and God.

The ‘8 Day Experience‘ is a series of short, reflective Bible studies, designed to customize your experience with God.

In this inspiring interview, he shares his process of spiritual reading and approaching God honestly. This includes trusting, that God has a bigger picture for all and that everything has a reason. That´s why things happen as they do.

Eric is also the founder of the ‘Christian Podcaster's Association’.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • the Bible contains all stories of experiences with God
  • reading passages of the Bible can help to find back to ourselves and to align with it
  • be curious about looking deep into yourself and be curious also about other people
  • honor the humanity of the person in the whole, not just the part that shows up

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • by following the process of spiritual reading, you can discover and find back to yourself
  • take off the expectations of ‘what other´s might want from you’
  • don´t assume things, ask and communicate clearly
  • be who you are
  • find and share your gifts and abilities
  • accept reality and what is, don´t refuse it


  • the process of spiritual reading: Ask God questions, then wait and sit about it in the posture of trust
  • we can´t skip the waiting part. God will send the answer to you, sooner or later
  • either you can change things, then change them, if they are not in your control, accept what is
  • stop judging and don´t tolerate being judged and don´t insert your opinion if not asked
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