Step into your authentic Feelgood-Lifestyle now

I faced death and transformed myself over & over to now being the role model showing that everything is possible once we find back to our true self. This named me the „Queen of Transformation“. 

My goal is to inspire you to realize your life´s dream and to live your full potential. My FLY-blueprint shows step-by-step excactly how to do that as I was in your shoes.

I know excatly what keeps you awake at night. All those fears and anxiety leading your thoughts day by day.

Fear of a new beginning, fear to fail, fear to get visible, fear to set boundaries, fear to hurt somebody by stepping up, fear of being authentically you, fear of your own greatness and strength … and the list goes on & on!

The EGO-based thoughts keep us in the „comfort zone“, our cage as the Ego is not made for wise decisions but first & foremost wants to secure we don´t die.

We need to wake up and to find back to ourselves, step into our authentical being and to skip what is not feeling good or upleveling our life. We´re here for a special reason and have a gift to bring to this world. We need to find this WHY and then share it by living it. That´s the quest we came here for.

Take the leap of faith & courage and make yourself priority now and live your calling heartfully & intuition based.

Press RESET and step out of that cage keeping you in the rat race that get´s you burned out or even depressed. Stop playing roles 0ther peoples set up and live life at your own rules. The first step is your commitment on that.

Commit to:

  • Show up authentically with all strength, weakness and potential you´ve got
  • Stop playing roles
  • People that leave you never have been real friends, let go
  • Stop judgement
  • Leave unhealthy relationships
  • Stop a work that corrupts your soul and look for something you love

Find out what doesn´t feel good and change it. All what is not congruent with you causes emotional stress and disturbes your work-life-balance as well as your mind-body-soul balance. You´re cutting yourself off from engergy which means you´re cutting yourself off from living life to the fullest and being you.

Body symptoms are just a way your soul is telling you that you´re on the wrong way and living a life that´s not healthy for you and wants you to change it.  

If we don´t listen to our soul whispering we gonna feel the body talking to us in symptoms quite silently. If we still do not listen or understand this causes severe illness.

Most illness begins with a negative, limiting mindset because you´re lying to yourself and you live a life that is not yours, you deny yourself!

You can always start to change limiting beliefs by upleving ones and heal your inner injured child. 

Your shadows and emotions cause most of the struggle you experience as you´ve put them deep down in a cage in order not to feel them. Be assured that they will always be there and come up until you are ready to deal with them. This means to accept and feel them, let them be and embrace them. They´re not enemies, they are parts of yourself. Resisting or fighting against them is fighting against yourself! This is a fight you can´t win. Press Reset and step out of there!

To stand truly for yourself means to get free of other peoples opinions and judgements´and to stop judging others. You don´t need to fit into that no more. It´s time to tear down borders! 

This is the beginning of the process of discovering your true self and embracing all that you are, bright and shadow sides. 

It´s time to change and I´m inspiring you with the FLY-Podcast on how to do that. The Fly-System guides you through all these inner processes on how to heal your inner child and heal from the inside out. You´ll learn how to transform your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. 

There are only 2 possibilities. Either you go on corrupting your soul and complaning about your situation which will make it worse or you take my hand of guidance and transform yourself into the better authentical self that you really are. 

I hope you make the coice for yourself, indulge in the process and will be gifted by a greater convinience and self-woth that you ever imagined possible. This is the day you don´t need distraction from outside and the feeling to wanna run away from all stops. 

The result is a healthy, authentic and independent life full of self-love as you discover that the independence from reacting to outside circumstances or other peoples needs stops. It´s one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves to heal into self-love and then we can share the love with the world. Anything else is needyness & victimhood. Embrace yourself fully as a gorgious being. 

Conclusion: Everything you „have to do, be or must is after all your own command. You don´t need to do anything if you don´t like it. Go for what you love!

I´ll guide you on how to get free & be yourself! Leading by excample I follow my mission to remind entrepreneurs to discover their true nature within and to express their purpose as awakened leader in the world.

Therefore I created the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life-System to be the blueprint and homebase for your hero´s journey on how to discover, align and leverage your life´s purpose .

Freestyle-Your-Life is the only „All-in-One transformational platform“ providing a triple win for you:

1. Get guidance on the process of stepping off your cage & becoming your authentic self

2. Get trained as awakened leader & Freestyle-Your-Life-Coach & share your full potential

3. Get promoted on the media channels Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast and - FLY-Online Summit.

Press RESET now & set up your GPS for unstoppable success in life & biz & success is inevitable!

Big Love, Erneste Carla 

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