Let it be- let it be- let it be

Let it be – let it be- let it be!

In my life story, life lessons and most of my challenges I had the chance to learn that resistance against something that already is only leads to more of what I don´t want to have. Any resistance increases the pain and is stupid. The best way to cope with that is to change the focus and let it be as it is. The more awareness we give things we don´t want the more they unconsiously tend to increase because of universal laws. There is a reason why things are the way they are. We have to find the lesson inside and to change our point of view or our behaviour towards things. Once we come to a yes of what is by accepting that it is without any judgement we then get clarity on things.  

You can easily summit your challenges as well as your actions and results in order to find the patterns behind it. In my case I wanted to do “1000 things at the same time”,  which of course wasn´t practicable and permanent overwhelm was the result of it. I became a multi-tasking genious to get most duties done that laid ahead. But at the end this leads into total overwhelm and is not at all advisable! When I got ill I lost my unconsciousness first and then my consciousness. I was left in complete darkness! 

My inner impeller muted into a slave driver. I was pushed to run even faster and higher. Until the piont of no return: Rien ne vas plus- I was in extremly bad physical constitution, burned out and did run empty.

Part of my solution was to accept what is and to stop any resistance against unloved situations.  Above all – practised abandonment and prepared to let things be as they are. Additionally let go of everything that sucks, especially situations as well as people who were corrupting my soul. This means if situations, things or people drive you crazy or into illness urgently stop them and get off the situation. If you can´t get to a point of neutral being with it, quit it to come back to normal and finally into Flow and balance in order to gain your energy back.

If there is no big problem stop thinking about it. If it is a problem change your view on the things. Either solve the problem or  if you can´t do that then quit the situation and stop worrying about things that might happen. Most os those things never happen but keep our system stressed day & night. You´ll find out that the energy you loose in a fight that you can´t win anyway keeps your whole system blocked and by letting go it will slowly come back. 

Empower yourself by adapting the methods you´ll be learning in my Freestyle-your-life-System. Anger towards the past as well as anxiety also keeps your energy blocked. The past is gone and the future is not here yet, the only time is now. Worrying about past or future situations is completely stupid. The best advice is to be present in the moment and not to think over things all the time.  

The tiger as heraldic animal shows the two sides of anything. There is always a bright side as well as a dark side, everything in the universe has it´s opposite. Our challenge is to integrate light and shadow as one. To fight the shadow does not eliminate it, but even makes it stronger. We have to learn the lesson behind things. The downlaying negative stored emotions wants to be seen and appreciated – that´s all! Easier said than done- this is neither a bed of roses nor a walk in the park! If you learned your lesson the occurrings get reduced and after a time they go. As my loved mentors Derek Rydall and Brendon Burchard say: Embrace the suck! That´s hard to do but the best and only way to get rid of the shit!

To be clear: We all have feminine and maskuline aspects, but mostly live one aspect more than the other one. Everything in universe tends to balance and recompense. 

Me myself for example I always was manager and boss, in action rather than silent and chilled. So my femine part was hiding in the background and my illness forced my to stop my actions and to learn to calm down and be chilled. My sons and my dog are great at that so I kept watching them and practised it until I was perfect at it. 

Most of my life I considered my greatest talent, the empathy and ability to feel other peoples emotions, as weakness. I didn´t accept being a hypersensible person having a scanner personality. But the range of challenges ocurring forced me to a new sight and focus on these things. Today I embrace them as they give me the unique talent my students can participate of. Thanks! 

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