Carl Contino, founder of „Untapped Genius“ and the „Wave“ is a great brain expert- You´ll learn, how to create a world of Love, passion, and connection by observing your state of mind. To eliminate self-sabotage and to ease your mind, it is essential to silent your inner talk and become conscious about how the brain works unconsciously against us.

In this episode, you will be inspired with new inspirations on the unconsciously working brain from my colleague and friend Carl Contino.Be curious to learn the secret how to neutralize any stressful situation and how to solve conflicts within minutes.

Carl is also developing new coaching modalities to use in his coaching with his clients such as ‘mobile voice activated coach on demand’. Here you can ask questions and get immediate help if the coach is not reachable or when going through actual challenges.

By being present, observing and noticing what´s going on, we can silent our inner talk. This is key not to buy in the mostly false stories our ‚Autopilot‘ is telling us!

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Your minds nature is the land of judgement. By judging yourself, beating yourself up or fixing yourself we are constantly sabotaging ourselves
  • The „going for what we want“-Paradox: The more we want something, the more resistance is likely to come up as the slippery mind get´s into the way by doubting things, „what if…-questions“ are trying to hold us back
  • Process how to come to a yes of whatever happened
  • Calm down, see the opportunity the happening brings, ask yourself what can I do with the situation, what do I like to do about it?
  • Life is movement & movement is medicine!
  • Make any task, eg. exercising, fun & then enjoy the ride

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • become the observer to become aware of what´s going on
  • if challenges occur, acting the former usual way, was battling against it or destroying things, what creates even more resistance and negativity
  • Instead relax, forget what you know and come to a state of observing yourself and your overall attitude
  • shift and change the frequency from ‘crap channel‘ and tune into ‘‚a higher frequency channel‘
  • You´re the artist of your life: Be painting passion & purpose on the wall and accept, that contrast is coming up
  • embrace challenges as being the fuel for new growth & transformation
  • reframe settings to change the perception of things and release the negativity of the past 


  • create an environment for the flow & synchronicity to show up
  • expect the unexpected to be able to handle it
  • start by saying ‘yes’ to all and to yourself in totality
  • Carl´s favourate message & affirmation: I am creating a world of Love, passion & connection by showing people how great they are

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