Today´s expert on the FLY-Podcast is Corey Poirier. Corey is a multiple TEDx speaker, the host of the ‘Conversations with Passion Show’ and multiple-time bestselling author.
The Book of WHY (and HOW), coming out later this year, reveals secret insights on the habits and principles of the world's top thought leaders.

I believe, the quest we came here for, is to discover our true nature, to explore our potential & to share it by living it. That´s why I´m so happy and honored, to have Corey kick of the FLY-Podcast and share the secret insights of his new book ‘The WHY and the HOW’ with us today.

By interviewing over 5.000 of the world’s top leaders, he discovered timeless secrets to meaning, success, and abundance, that we all can implement to evolve into our greatness.
His former books ‘Share Your Message With The World’ and ‘The Book of Public Speaking’ also classified as bestselling books.

He is the host of the top-rated ‘Conversations with PASSION’ Radio-Show, founder of ‘The Speaking Program’ and he has been featured in multiple television specials. Furthermore, he is a columnist with Entrepreneur and Forbes.
His new book ‘The WHY and the HOW’ summarizes the success principles of high achievers!

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • ‘The Book of WHY (and HOW)’ also reveals the shortest path to discovering one's WHY as well as the importance of the HOW
  • Corey provides a proven strategy for both (discovering one's WHY and implementing the HOW) 
  • Successful people go for what they want, no matter what
  • 'The book of public speaking’ reveals, how to speak for purpose, impact, and profit
  • For ‘ The book of Why and How’ over 5000 interviews are done in 5 years to show, what influencers do differently

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • The high achievers have discovered their passion & purpose
  • They are lifelong learners (learn the right wisdom from the right sources) and block everything else
  • They say no to almost everything and set up barriers
  • They trust in themselves and just don´t give up before the goal is accomplished! 


  • To find the ‘WHY and HOW’ we do something is the core foundation and beginning of any transformation
  • ‘Passion is what you do, Purpose is why you do it’
  • Always follow your gut & purpose
  • The rule of 5 things to do each day when working on a project
  • Our ‘why’ as a motive to run our life and the desire to create a positive ripple in the world by having a visible impact
  • Figure out what you are called to do and then combine your passion with your work

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