Interview with the founder host of the FLY Podcast, Erneste Carla Zimmermann.
The FLY-Podcast is your No. 1 free inspiration on authenticity & self-mastery airing weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and the Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast.

It´s all about owning who we truly are, to break free from whatever sucks & to restyle life at own authentic terms.

By listening to the Fly-Podcast you can learn how to discover, align and leverage your life's purpose.

If you are fed up with being dominated by others or stressed out to react on other peoples agenda, you will be guided to living your authentic lifestyle.

The FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life System is the blueprint to guide, esp. entrepreneurs, on their transformational journey into their true authentic self and becoming legendary as the quest we came here for, is to discover our true nature, to explore our potential and to share it by living it.

The FLY-Podcast is the No. 1 channel to get free inspiration & tips on how to break free from fake play shared by the best experts and me.

The benefits of the FLY-Podcast are first and foremost free & consistent content on authenticity and self-mastery to consume „on the go“, furthermore countless inspiration on how to break free from whatever sucks in your life and how to re-style life at your own authentic terms and last but not least, you´ll learn how to train & tame your brain.

(The information shared on this Podcast is not intended as a substitute for a professional medical treatment advice. Always consider to take advice from your health care providers.)

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