On episode # 052, Nicole Jansen shows, how you can overcome setbacks and live your worthiness from within in order to love yourself and others unconditionally. She is the founder of ‚Discover The Edge‘, host of the ‚Leaders of Transformation Podcast‘ and co-author of the book, Power Up, Super Women‘ and helps people to transform their lives & achieve great results.

Her unique brand of mentorship stems from her 30+ years in business, her expertise as a Business Breakthrough Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, and Human Behavior Specialist, but most importantly, her own experience overcoming adversity. She´s a breakthrough coach, trained by Blair Singer, who is a mentor to both of us. Nicole is located in San Diego.
She helps you to become better than you thought you could and to mold it all together.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • You are destined for more
  • discover the strength within and unleash the greatness within
  • find the primary lie in your life and build up your truth
  • recognize the lies in your life when observing the motive, why you are donig things
  • or are you trying to prove ‚the lie of not being enough‘ to be true
  • if so, life comes crashing down
  • the worthiness and owning the feeling of ‚I´m enough‘ has to come from within
  • find out what´s driving you and improve upon that to take you to the next level

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Nicole and I both both had the very empathic and overgiving mentality, are divorced and single mums and our life´s path and the transformation we´ve made is very simliar
  • We had to rediscover and find ourselves
  • Dicovering your motives and why you do things, is essential to living your purpose
  • Find the dream, hope, and desire burried inside you
  • reveal your greatness to the world and fulfill your purpose in life and give your life meaning by doing so
  • Skip what is not you and what´s sucking your life blood and keeping you stuck
  • She helps you to discover and play to your strengths, ignite your purpose and passion, and leverage your creative energy to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Show up authentically and state clearly what you stand for
  • Come into alignment in the 4 key areas of your life:
  • 1. Fulfillment (Purpose)
  • 2. Family (Relationships)
  • 3. Fitness (Health)
  • 4. Finances (Career/Business)
  • Nicole is a specialist when it comes to find your purpose and your capacity to create success
  • Remove the personal blocks standing in the way of your growth
  • Expand your self-concept and vision of what is possible for you
  • lead yourself and live life powerfully


  • Believe in peoples greatness, ´don´t look for their weakness
  • find your personality
  • set a core foundation and live authentically and congruent to your authentic being
  • Every person has unique strengths and gifts that, when developed, this can produce powerful results in their life
  • Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to play small and focus on fixing our weaknesses instead of building our strengths
  • most of our potential remains untapped.
  • Don´t die with your music inside
  • It´s time to tap into your potential, earn what you are worth, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of

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On the FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast I´m providing you with insights and life-changing stories by fantastic experts to share a glimpse of hope for you on your own journey. Healing can come from being motivated and inspired, how others could overcome their obstacles and could find joy again, as learning from a life hero's journey gives hope.

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