On episode # 046, Jeanna Gabellini, Master Business Coach, shares how you, esp. as a business owner,can follow your inner guidance instead of following the myth of "hard work pays off" and how you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions by flipping the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet and stay true to what lights you up.

She reveals, why people (specifically biz owners) have such a challenging time making money and what they can do to flip their money makin' switch to ON and skip all the rest!

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Happiness is within you, eliminate what makes you unhappy is not authentically to you
  • Worrying constantly leads to stress, burnout and maybe severe illness or even cancer 
  • To practice self-care is essential to maintaining your health and achieving your goals
  • Go through the motion, surrender and relax to get rid of negative feelings
  • Approach your days with a positive mindset of “Even if things go sideways, it will work out at the end„
  • Be willing to take a stand for yourself and own who you truly and authentically are
  • It´s ok, if from time to time, you still fall into the trap of feeling unworthy or uncapable 
  • This still happens to advanced transformators like us, but by practicing the process of FLY-Freestyling your life, breaking free from whatever sucks, the recovery and returning back to normal time after anxious thoughts gets less
  • Do what you love and what feels good and skip the rest

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • We transformed our lives into owning who we are and being authentically and really insinc
  • Do the inner work, find out what lights you up and you´re aligned with & skip the rest
  • Step into your inner guidance and listen to your intuition and inner biz expert
  • Get out of your head, stop overthinking, relax and escape the hussle 
  • If you can change things change it, if it´s not in your hands, surrender to what is 
  • Stop doubting, fighting, resisting and pushing 
  • Stop creating anxiety about anxiety, don´t make yourself wrong about feeling anxious
  • Put yourself on the edge, don´t judge yourself, let it be ok
  • The Ego based thinking assumes situations to be not good 
  • From my mentors T. Harv Eker and Blair Singer I have learned not to believe a thought I´m thinking, the mindfricks are just the ego mind kicking in and trying to talk you out of your endeavors which is called self-sabotage
  • Use ‚the Work‘, a process of Byron Katie, to question deeply if what you´re currently thinking is really true
  • Let yourself feel the emotion, experience the frustration, feel it fully and get over it
  • Be willing to accept what is if you can´t change anything about it
  • It´s ok if it gets messy, hard or crazy, let it be without trying to fight it
  • Otherwise you are creating circumstances that confirm the wrong thoughts to be true
  • Give yourself the space and time to relax and change the environment when feeling stuck
  • Find your best relaxing element, like for me, it´s to meditate and exercise playing Golf, walk my dog and connecting to nature or go on a boat ride like Jeanna does in order to step out of the situation and keep a cool head


  • Don´t try to control everything, to control something outside of you is illusionary 
  • Listen to your inner parts, the inner child, the feminine and the masculine voice, hear and respect their needs
  • Way too often, we go on working hours when realizing that we would need a break
  • Ignoring your body´s symptoms will lead to a constant stress level and severe illness
  • Don´t worry, be happy
  • It´s all gonna work out!

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