On episode # 045, Alicia Couri a brand and confidence expert is with me. She has a mission to help entrepreneurs’ step into their “Audacious Confidence” so they can be more, do more, have more and live their lives without limits. She helps you to stand out and “be seen and be heard” as industry leaders, show up powerfully and gain visibility to attract more clients and increase profitability.

Alicia uses her brand to influence, educate, inspire, and entertain every audience she speaks to.
As a Corporate Consultant she uses Kolbe Assessments to help individuals and teams
understand their instinctive strengths to build confidence, increase productivity and better
communication in their positions and organizations.
She is a dynamic Empowerment Speaker, Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, Author, Actor, beauty,
Style and Personal Branding expert, Co- Founder and Executive Producer of Dreamaniac TV and
hosts the “Women Unleashed” show and The Audacious Confidence Show” both LIVE online
streaming shows.

Check out her 2 books: Your Signature Style: Unlocking the Confidence Style and
Influence of the Savvy CEO.
Congrats on the national competition of the Florida women award for personal and business achievements

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Audacious Confidence is the master key to massive success
  • confidence is not something you are born with, it is a skill to master and once you have the right tools you can step into it when you need it
  • Alicia (as well as I myself) had a lot of insecurities, self-doubt, fears and value issues and we both suffered from low confidence before, that´s why we now mastered this and are really insinc
  • Life is a journey with ongoing growth
  • The transition to feel strong about yourself is worth the struggle that might occur on the way
  • Change your perspective and focus first and foremost on yourself like we, don´t deal with anything that is not feeling good or not authentic to you
  • We´ve both been through what we preach and teach 

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Become aware of what beats you down, where you feel resistance or don´t feel confident
  • Recognize in which area of life you are not confident an get guidance from a coach who walked the path before
  • Allow yourself to step into the unknown
  • Grab and take hold of your life instead of being in a coma of compliance
  • Turn sucking situations around and don´t let others project their insecurities on you
  • Don´t hold on to bad past experiences, life only exists in the present moment
  • Paying roles and wearing masks is self-sabotage, surrender and let go of what sucks
  • The 7 steps to step into your audacious confidence:
  • 1. Know who you are
  • 2. What is your why?
  • 3. Prepare yourself for geatness and opportunities
  • 4. Be aware of your tags
  • talents are uniquely innate for you
  • assets are tangible things you´ve done or do
  • gifts are what you serve to others
  • skills are what yo´ve learned and developed over time
  • 5. What are you resisting?
  • 6. Develop an Alter Ego 
  • 7. Learn to say yes to opportunities and no to things that don´t serve you


  • Step away and empower yourself to make a difficult choice instead of allowing a situation to take you down
  • Value and be authentic to who you are
  • Transition into being yourself and commit to stop self-sabotaging behaviour 
  • NO is a complete sentence, no explanation needed
  • Embrace life,you are enough just as you are 
  • Don´t live up to somebody elses´ expectations
  • To say yes to yourself is the only real way to feel peace and be happy and fulfilled

Links & Social:
www.alicia360.com connect with her on all social media or set up an appointment inh er calendar
http://aliciacouri.com/events/eventsbyac/ Boost your Audacious Confidence Workshop


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Influence of the Savvy CEO.

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