On episode # 043, Gayle Carson, who I admire to be the rolemodel for longevity, fit, active and successful at the age of 81, shares the priceless wisdom she gained in her long life and business career on why positive thinking is so important and how media can grow your business. She is a multiple bestselling author, professional speaker and hosts over a dozen radio shows per month. 

As President of the Carson Research Center, she served as a consultant to 50 industries on six
continents, advising them on current business trends and cutting edge opportunities to stay
ahead of their competition.

She is also the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking
Professional), CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute
of Management Consultants).

As the author of five books, she hit the Amazon’s best sellers list, was a winner of the Best Seller Quill Award and inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. The Best Selling Books are Big Ideas for your Business; Winning Ways; How to Be an S.O.B--A Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt; Creator of Living Regret Free. Additionally she was selected as a “2007 Legend of the Speaking Profession” and she hosted Entrepreneur’s “Women in Business” radio show, wrote for them and had articles in more Magazines. She is also the founder of the sobradionetwork.com, a Columnist and featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and in the WSJ, USA Today, Newsweek, Readers Digest #39.

Currently, she hosts over a dozen radio shows per month with over half a million listeners.

You can also listen in when Dr. Gayle interview me on SOB-Radio. The link is displayed on my website https://freestyle-your-life.com/.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Gayle as the media expert reminds us on how media actually can grow your business, like it did grow hers to 7 offices with 350 people
  • ‚It´s not over till it´s over, stay active and go strong‘ like Gayle, the rolemodel for longevity 
  • Are you living the life you want or somebody elses life? Put yourself in your own driver´s seat
  • Step up, don´t let other people determine who you should be or what you should do, if this is not what you truly want
  • You determine how you wanna live your life, take charge of you and repect yourself
  • Believe in yourself and don´t play small
  • Go for everything you can and want, give it a shot & try 

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • See her free tipps, e.g. on why positve mindset is so important, at below mentioned links
  • Speaking is the best way to get business opportunities, so discover the secrets you need to know about your TV/Radio interview 
  • Overcome your fear of being judged and rejection and go for everything you can and want, give it a shot & try – all that anybody can say is no and if you don´t even try it´s a no anyway
  • FLY- freestyle-your-life, originally a sports term, means to go for whatever makes you feel good and you love and restyle your life on your own authentic terms
  • This means to skip the rest, that is not yours and making you sad,worry or maybe even sick
  • If you improve and grow yourself into your greatness, there will be people who don´t like that and wanna hold you back where you are, just because they are to scary to move ahead
  • Growth is outside your comfort zone, so be prepared to transform your personal, business, community, physical, volounteer and educational life
  • Take chances and move beyond what you considered to be possible and approach life with a positive mindset of everthing is possible


  • We both survived breast cancer with the approach of positve mindset and consider ourselves as fortunate to be still alive
  • I personally have the greatest admiration for couples, who manage to stay together in good and bad times, like Gayle did. I still believe in that, even if it´s for so many just a phrase. Despite being very different to her husband, she found a way and has been married for 45 years and raised 3 children while starting her business career at the age of 21!

Links & Social:
www.spunkyoldbroad.com esp. created to work with women 50 + who begin to feel invisible, to uncover your motivators and living life to the fullest
www.sob6tips.com discover 6 secrets you should know for your TV/Radio interview
www.sobmindset.com free video from her ‚Mindset Matters Program‘
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFFdPFtcO8U Check out all interviews on YouTube by searching for Gayle Carson

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Gayle is gifting us with one of her books and also inspires you to find out, where your inner spunk is hiding.

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Be brave, become visible and tap into your presence, don´t hide yourself
The key to experiencing happiness and fulfillment in this busy world is to do what we are called to and to go on a journey finding a way to express it authentically

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