On episode #034, Rachel Augusta, is an activist for animals. In this inspiring episode she reveals, how healing ourselves impacts the health of our pets positively. Research shows, that animals take on the stress of their human guardians, and this usually leads to illness in the animal’s body. We can also learn happiness and joy from our animals.

As a Certified Healing Touch for Animals® Advanced Proficiency Practitioner she works with animals who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer from trauma due to previous abuse. In addition to working privately with her patients, she runs a unique membership site where women and their fur babies in all stages of health have community and support because research proves that animals tend to get the same illness we have. It is her belief that a woman who heals herself heals her pet.

Rachel’s business was featured in a best selling Hay House published book, Women Rocking Business, she has been interviewed by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, and Truthcat Radio. Because of her activism, Rachel was interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine in July of 2015.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • our negative human emotions literally create a toxic health environment for our furbabies
  • we can heal ourselves and our pets with energy medicine when western medicine, after a cancer diagnosis suggests chemotherapy, which can lead to liver and kidney failure
  • if you have cancer, your body is in a high state of painand you need relaxation, hormone balance and to detox from toxins for the inner healing to kick in and produce new cells
  • we can learn from animals to find back to happiness and joy
  • animals feel and smell our emotions such as fear, anger, depression and anxiety through 400 Mio. neuron receptors
  • sharing our own stories, my Golden Retriever Sandy took on my ovarian cancer and heart problems as I was going through a divorce with 2 little kids
  • her cat Holly woke her up to what her purpose on earth really was
  • our emotional state and high stress level affects the pets negatively
  • when animals get sick, most of the time it is referred to their bond with their guardians
  • we all have a purpose on earth, so do our pets
  • a scary disease keeps the energy level and vibration in the body low and then the body sees it like and embryo that it needs to feed
  • you need to find joy and happiness and heal emotionally, we can learn it from our animals, they also can overcome abuses quickly and heal emotionally and spiritually as they do not tend to hold on to the negative emotions like we do

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • raise your vibration so the body sees the cancer as a foreign object that it needs to get rid of
  • this can be done with energy medicine without negative side effects
  • we need to get the brain to release the chemicals serotonin and endorphin to trigger the physical relaxation and response because as long as your body is in pain, it cannot heal, relaxation is needed to heal
  • negative emotions lead to breakdown of protein which stops cell growth
  • observe what brings you joy and happiness and do much more of that
  • become more and more authentic and follow what feels right for you


  • disease means dis-ease, we create disease 
  • when we stay in negative emotions, the energy flow in our body gets blocked
  • the symptoms we want to get rid of are signs and a wakeup call to change things in your life
  • we need to understand the message they try to bring, become present and aware of what is going on
  • acknowledge the symptoms and commit to changes in your life
  • e.g. my symptoms summed up that much as I was totally overwhelmed and stressed out with leading 2 companies, taking care of my 2 sons and their school, the dog, the household and either the symptoms or accidents that occurred, led to immobility and time to think things over and changing my life, that is why I transformed over and over to become totally authentic and cancer free

Links & Social:
https://www.rachelaugusta.com You can use the free healing audio download, a meditation for people to listen to with their fur babies, to bring profound healing
https://sales.rachelaugusta.com/FM monthly membership healing course


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