Cody Dakota Wooten is the founder and host of the Emerge Leadership Connection Podcast and the Leadership Guide, and is a Leadership and Heroic Potential Coach, Speaker and Teacher with ideas, that can change people, businesses, and the world for the better coaching clients through the S.P.E.E.D. System to Successful Leadership.

He is coaching through his award-nominated Legendary Leadership Pyramid featuring the 3 main components of Legendary Leadership, the 12 levels that make up those components, and the 1 underlying concept that allows Leaders to leave behind something monumental. Cody is the host of The Emerge Leadership Connection, and is building a community called The League of Legendary Leaders and has been the recipient of an EIPPY award, and his ideas on Leadership led to him being a finalist for the Extraordinarian Award for Coaches.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • the goal is emerging into the best version of you and live up into your full potential 
  • to take a stand and be authentic who you are takes courage but it absolutely rewarding
  • having a different opinion is fine, skip the Yes-sayer and fake play, it is healthy also to not agree
  • to set your mind back up the best is to work in chunks of 60-90 minutes and then take a 10-30 min. break to be productive, nobody can work 8 hours straight
  • set up systems to escape the trap of trading time for money
  • share your opinion and accept others, to be fully aligned is illusionary

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • schedule your day and week and plan also creative time into it to dive into your deep work
  • block free time and focus on the big things first, imagine a jar, start with the big rocks, then the middle and then fill it up with the small pieces and sand as otherwise the big things do not fit in any more
  • fill your schedule with the tasks that move the needle for you, if not, somebody else will
  • do not start your day with acting on other people´s agenda like reacting on mails …
  • my strategic coach Dan Sullivan always says, do not plan more than 3 major things a day
  • Listen in to interview episode # 003 and learn the success habits of highly successful people, when Corey Poirier describes what he found out interviewing 5000 people 
  • set up barriers for others to reach you in order to get the most important tasks done
  • esp. as a small biz owner you need to apply the principles of success and outsource, delegate and automate to prevent being stressed out and near burnout
  • in order for you to become legendary start with becoming authentic and live and work fully in your zone of genius
  • the modern myth of our age is independence, that doing everything on your own will lead to success, as a leader you are responsible for the overall outcome
  • leadership means to graduate from dependence to interdependence, network and collaborate so you can do what you´re good at and look for other leaders within your organization to delegate and you stay the overall leader


  • every great lesson comes from stories as our mind processes mostly in images, we then can envision the story 
  • do what you are passionate about, pivot things and adapt them
  • in order to solve the worldwide problems such as global warming etc. we are facing, we need to live authentically with our strengths, collaborate and unite
  • when everybody is working in her/his zone of genius, we can all become greater than any individual and we can all help to save this paradise here
  • e.g. Cody and myself, by providing our stage as podcaster and hosts of Online Summits, we educate and inspire others and bring awareness to others sharing their voice
  • settle matters today rather than leaving disconnected
  • do not base your life on perceptions, get to the reality of it and then act

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