Niajae is a master strategist and sales funnel expert, Leadership Coach and host of the Abundance Hack Podcast. She adds art and creativity in her business approach which is one of the many things that contributes to her unique style. She helps people identify their true desires, build confidence and sharpen their skills to go after the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Niajae creates motivational videos focused on mindset and manifestation. She believes you can have it all with the right strategy and implementation. She loves holding people accountable. There’s no question she’s unique and embodies the phrase, ‘When art meets entrepreneurship.’

Do not settle! You can have the life of your dreams!
You create your own reality so with the right strategy and implementation you can be madly in love with your life!

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • to tap into your full potential you need to find, align and act on your WHY and purpose
  • start out by setting goals you want to achieve
  • a lot of people settle for less than they deserve and what is fulfilling
  • if you´re not feeling good you might not be aligned to your purpose
  • we have a choice each day to find out what makes us happy
  • time is everything and the greatest asset, don´t waste it
  • a coach observing from the outside can push you to the next level and right mindset
  • get mentorship and set up a system that fees you up
  • internet friend connection is exploding, we´re meeting less personally 
  • human connection is needed not only ‘friendship’ on Social Media where everybody mostly shows the sunny side of life
  • a smile, greeting, and hugging make the world come back together
  • we can change our emotions by changing our thoughts and expectations

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • to find your purpose observe what makes you happy and do more of that
  • believe in yourself and don´t settle for less than you´re worth
  • dig in and peel some layers back to find your true authentic self
  • consider what you love to do and act on it
  • stand up & go for your dreams and live a fulfilling life 
  • don´t let others or society dictate your life
  • resist the internal battle to be a people pleaser
  • clear your mental blocks
  • cultivate deeper connections by reaching out to people
  • don´t become a social nerd 
  • changing our thoughts and expectations leads to other actions and results
  • choose to be rich and act as if


  • everything we do creates either a positive or negative ripple effect
  • doing more of what you love is a decision and your own responsibility 
  • don´t settle for less than what is fulfilling
  • time is everything and the greatest asset, don´t waste it
  • according to the Cashflow quadrant from R. Kiosaki, you can make big money by being a business owner who has a system and employees or as an investor
  • even as a small business owner you got yourself a job, but need to be there all the time
  • the goal is to set up systems to free up your time

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