In episode # 20 we learn why „Branding is a self-discovery journey“. Today my guest is Eve Voyevoda from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is the owner and founder of ‚Brand your dream‘ business and helping entrepreneurs to brand their brilliance using visual storytelling.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • „Branding is a self-discovery journey“
  • Eve was working in India as creative director for a corporate for 9 years and then transitioned to having her own branding studio
  • first hand discussed the benefit of online businesses do enjoy local, time and money freedom
  • Her motive in life is self-discovery. The answer to why we do something is inside us
  • listen to your heart and go after our dreams
  • even as coaches we need to have our coaches train us still to evolve even more into our full potential
  • mind-hacking as a part of the mindset change needed to conquer our challenges and overcome our fears
  • it´s all about ‘what we expect and how we react to things’
  • everything we experience is contributing our life

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • become more present, more aware and more passionate
  • prepare to get visible
  • did You Tube Videos 90 days in a row as part of a video challenge
  • Videos on You Tube are perfect if they are 10 to 15 min. long, for Facbeok 1-2 minutes are best, for Instagram and Snapshat personal live videos work best
  • authentic brand means to walk your talk
  • prepare people what to expect
  • share free content in a massive way and create a compelling lead magnet
  • then offer a product for the client to do the first small purchase and then level up things
  • let people become familiar with you


  • be careful of your thoughts & negative expectations and overcome your fears
  • take care not to sabotage yourself with negative thoughts but monitoring yourself to get aware of what´s going on
  • progress is only possible outside the comfort zone, we need to level up into a new comfort zone not to be stressed out too much and to become confident
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