Michael Guberti is a Social Media Strategist & founder of a full-service digital marketing agency. He is revealing the latest tips on how to leverage visibility on Social Media and is the winner of The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year Award & Rule Breaker Award for teaching entrepreneurship at an accredited business university before ever enrolling in a college.

He has spoken at Microsoft, Gensler & Associates, Society For Marketing Professional Services.
With his brother Marc, he co-founded the nonprofit organization ‘Guberti Giving’ supporting youth, veterans & single mothers. The nonprofit has received support from the New York Knicks, Nextiva Phone Company & other organizations.

Facts / Strategy learnings:
We´ve been talking about how we can only do the major adjustments regarding Social Media when you´re just starting out as an entrepreneur and avoid being overwhelmed. If you apply the tips Michael shared you´re well on your way. Implementation as almost is key.

Start with the platforms you are already on and get people to engage with your information.

  • use the tricks Michael shared to connect directly with your tribe either through Videos, Stories, downloading, reposting, giving people credit or connecting with your subscribers and how to gain new subscribers through FB-Ads

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Videos, that can be live or recorded, put up on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, are a great way to engage
  • e.g. a big appeal and connection can be a walk through your office
  • Implement the 60-second-story-strategy: Make a story based on your post and post it to your Facebook Story 
  • on Instagram find big player within your friend and like their pictures and posts with a heart
  • if you run FB-Ads follow this strategy to test always 2 audiences and 2 ads at the time and always take those, getting you leads at the cost it´s producing:
  • 1. image
  • 2. Video 1
  • 3. Video 2
  • 4. a carousel (a bunch of pics or videos circling)
  • 5. instant experience (whole screen advertisement)
  • 6. instant experience plus a collection (images and words)


  • you should at least connect with your subscribers once a week to be present but not annoying
  • gifting people for opting in with a freebie is a great way to make them subscribe
  • the more testing, the better

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