Ken Barkin has worked as a psychic/conscious channel since 1996. His work has been evolving. The work is about helping clients grow into their authentic selves and to help them to create authentically. There are channeled messages on Ken's website ( designed to help light workers in their paths.

Ken helps to shift from survival into thriving. His intention is to help the audience move into their authentic selves and to create authentically.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • environmental climate changes and rising water levels require a vibrational shift
  • we need to become more aware

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • become aware of how you feel and learn to manage your energy
  • get out of the linear thought process (head) and follow your heart (intuition)
  • water symbolizes the intuitve, emotional energy, which is rising
  • what we focus on expands 
  • as we are all creators, it´s neccessary to consciously be focusing 
  • get out of your own way, stop self-sabotage and start seeing the miracles around you
  • if you want to be truly authentic, release things and people, that don´t belong into your life no more
  • move through the experiences
  • release the fear-based thinking and start from fresh following your intuition
  • give yourself some minutes to reground and center yourself during the day
  • value your gifts and talents
  • realign yourself a, take back your power and open up to guidance
  • send Love to yourself, Love raises the planet´s vibration


  • find out who you truly are
  • find your true purpose
  • get onto your path (transitioning phase) 

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