Rachel Kaplan, MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice and the founder and host of the podcast ‘The healing feeling shit show’, guiding adults to learn to feel their feelings like they poop. It´s an emotional potty training for grown-ups to heal their core emotional wounds!

Be curious for Rachel to reveal, how you can start to heal your core wound, living under the imposter syndrome. Then you have massive self-doubts and feel unworthy to gain success.
Rachel describes specific strategies for moving emotions of different varieties such as anger, sadness, fear, and shame. She has been walking and studying the healing path for 25 years and ‘HFSS’ is the offering of the necessary skill that actually heals!

Rachel shares the metaphor of digesting, that can help people understand the most healing way to relate to their emotions, and how they can actually start to heal their core wound, what lives under imposter syndrome. She describes specific strategies for moving emotions of different varieties such as anger sadness fear and shame.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • feel your emotions & allow your feelings to be sensations that move through the body
  • feelings are held deep down since childhood
  • pain equals feelings stuffed deep down and locked up
  • The ‘HFSS, healing feeling shit show’ is a transformational course and examines, how we got so hurt and why we are not sure, if we are enough
  • learn, how to feel your feelings and emotions of sadness, anger, grief, fear, and shame
  • heal your wounds resulting from past feelings when we needed to adapt in order to survive)
  • move over to your feed up lifestyle so that you can enjoy life
  • the inner child is crying in your emotional basement
  • changing your thoughts doesn´t go down to the emotional wounds

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • Rachels approach on the core healing is related to the ‘Gestalt- Therapy’’ 
  • create a safe environment and be patient, until those parts of you feel loved and understood more and more
  • Get clear on who is in the basement
  • come in contact and start to establish a relationship with those parts of you 
  • make it a daily practice, to check in with those parts
  • honor and embrace them curious and serious, so that they learn to trust you
  • a foto of you at the age, the part of you is back then, eases the conversation
  • ease your pain by accepting and acknowledging those parts, it´s you
  • learn, how you feel and clear out that locked emotional backpack of pain
  • to learn more, just listen to the ‘HFSS-Podcast’ 
  • take the quiz on https://www.yourcorewound.com and rate different statements in order to discover the emotions behind
  • the healing consists of actually ‘pooping the feelings through you’
  • western cultures are sick, and judging, blaming and manipulating leads to more pain
  • step out of that circle of distraction, playing roles and living somebody else's life
  • the less we face and are willing to feel our pain, the more burden we load on
  • pain is nothing more than intense sensations rolling in squats
  • accept it, feel it and it will pass
  • we get to know the dark side in order to value the bright side, we are all
  • we are so afraid of being hurt and become so scared of rejection as we mostly see feelings as a failure


  • to develop emotional resilience is better than happiness because then you know, no matter what life brings, you can handle it
  • know, that you can deal with any feeling moving through you
  • become strong by embracing the suck & pain and consider feelings as a friendly sign
  • express your emotions, don´t hold them back or you will stuff them down again, don´t be a people pleaser
  • you need to become authentic and only do, what feels good and feeds you and own it
  • you deserve to be abundant and in joy
  • it´s worth it, to break free and take care of yourself first
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