Alison Donaghey is a speaker, author, radio host and cause and effect strategist. She would like to see people taking an opportunity to ‘Think Opposite’, to suspend their belief, consider the opposite and proceed with perspective. In doing so, we can begin to see, that men and women are both parts of the human race. Experiences, good and bad, are an opportunity for unity.

By considering our part in everything, she shows in her newest program ‘mypart’, that we can see ourselves as part of humanity as a whole, rather than dividing it into victims and victimizers, oppressed and oppressor, thus moving towards understanding the inherent value of everyone.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Humanity is bi-partisan 
  • men and women are both parts of the human race
  • we are all one first, we are two that is one, to integrate the opposite part makes us strong
  • Experiences, good and bad, are an opportunity for unity
  • we co-create and attack ourselves by judging and blaming
  • we normally perceive things without even thinking of other possibilities and the opposite
  • your belief is a substitute for something lacking in your life
  • worthiness is the foundation for all
  • freedom is a choice
  • we are not the mercy of somebody or something, stand in your own power of worthiness
  • by moving from a victimized state into a neutral state, we free our emotions and thinking and are able to create positive outcomes in our lives
  • our differences united are the source of our true potential

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • we need to see ourselves as part of humanity as a whole
  • understand the inherent value of everyone
  • let go of the shame
  • put aside old grievance and judging, that´s toxic
  • live in a state of neutrality and you never will say ‘ If only I could…’ again
  • you are totally worthy as you won the race against millions to be here
  • don´t identify or guess, what the other one needs or will react, ask
  • set borders and speak up
  • everything has two sides, nothing is all bad, think it through and consider the opposite
  • what we accept as truth today, doesn´t have to be true tomorrow, opinions change


  • Life happens as a result and because of us
  • we are responsible for our life and our part in everything
  • the more responsible we are, the more we step into a better version of ourselves
  • you are a winner and miracle, that was born into a screwed up world, telling you, that you are not enough
  • check out the #MyPart, it is an 8-week program to change your life
  • it´s a commitment to move from being a victim and taking control of your life in a positive, meaningful, and deserving way to free our emotions and thinking to create positive outcomes in your life
  • the new course begins on May 15, 2019
  • if you are tired of feeling, like other people are more in control of your life that you are, then take the quiz and find out, if you identify more like a victim or freedom state
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