Daniel is a dynamic Motivational Keynote Speaker with 14 years experience in the arena of Leadership Development, Team Building, Sales Mastery, and Confidence Coaching. He is the International Best Selling Author of ‘You Were Born to Fly’, a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits & confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny.

Daniel is not just a motivational keynote speaker, he also gives organizations the success
principles, leadership skills, and the champion's mindset to develop and build a winning team.
In this episode, you will be inspired to be authentically you and to follow your own destiny.
Daniel encourages you, ‘to be Original’, to always love, believe and invest in yourself, to value
your own opinion and who you are, and to step out of your comfort zone. By skipping the way
you think, adjusting your mindset and taking action, it all falls in place. Little by little, everything
lines up, when acting on your dreams and destiny.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • as it´s all about ‘what we expect and how we react to things’
  • the best advice is to reduce your negative thoughts and stop worrying as it leads to procrastination and playing small
  • skip being scared and afraid of what might be happening and enjoy life by being yourself
  • being afraid and scared about OPO´s, other people´s opinion - and agenda is a self-sabotaging pattern and limiting the life you live, as you are living other people´s life
  • 99 % of the things you worry about never happen, it´s a waste of time and energy and bad for your overall health
  • be like a child again, unlimited, wild, innocent, enthusiastic, and passionate
  • when challenges come up, always ask yourself by saying out loud: ‘What is the gift in this?’ and the subconscious will give you the answer
  • cancer diagnoses are a big wake up call and mean, you should change direction and do things differently
  • when challenges come up, do not get destructive, angry or bitter, because then you block your energy and flow 

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • by replacing the self-talk of asking yourself ‘What if it doesn´t work?’ by ‘What, if this does work?’ you are putting yourself in the opportunity to rise and give yourself a chance to learn and grow from challenges
  • acknowledge your body talking to you in symptoms and bring awareness to them 
  • unforgiveness leads to an environment for other diseases to grow as it changes the chemistry within your body
  • the body then is not able to defend itself no more and this is crushing yourself
  • start with yourself and know, the hardest person to forgive, is you
  • forgive yourself for the past mistakes and failures and let them go and your self-worth raises to a whole other level
  • by releasing the unforgiveness, you release the heavy burden inside 


  • become more present, more aware and more passionate
  • eliminate negative thinking as thoughts become emotions and they become habits
  • focus your ideas and effort, on what you want, and it´s likely to start to grow
  • pant your seeds and then give them time to grow 
  • what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger
  • forgive yourself and find a quote to affirm your destiny and goals 5 to 6 times a day on an ongoing basis by saying the declaration out loud
  • Tip 1: ‘I choose to forgive, have a grateful heart and be happy today’
  • Tip 2 get yourself out of the flight posture: By changing the environment or just giving yourself a break, you signalize your body to be lazy and this reduces the tension 
  • by laying down, breathing and saying the affirmation 5-6 times out loud you interrupt the fight & flight and negative thinking patterns 
  • Tip for bedtime: Stop watching the news, as they manipulate your mindset to be scared and fearful
  • make it a daily practice to interrupt the negative thought patterns through repetition of your affirmation and envisioning your goals, esp. before bedtime, as this lovely film then is playing in the background of your subconscious mind
  • stop being a people pleaser and love yourself first
  • be thankful & grateful for what you already have and see, you are already blessed and valued
  • Golden Nugget: Whatever you worry about in your life, you are not grateful for
  • develop the character of who you wanna be and you gonna need once you are at the next level by starting with a humble belief in yourself 
  • it´s all about what you do when no one is watching - be who you are
  • you know, when you're lying to yourself by living a life that is not authentical to you

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