Michael Levitt, author, and founder of ‘Breakfast Leadership Podcast’ inspires you, on how to reduce stress in your life. Stress reduction is inevitable to prevent severe diseases. Burnout is preventable. He states, that If you have proper boundaries in your life, you can reduce the chances of burnout from happening in your life.

Michael has spent over 3 decades serving Fortune 500 companies, small business organizations and leading large medical organizations. From starting as a public accountant to serving in IT management roles, to leading multiple healthcare organizations, hiring countless individuals in those sectors, he has seen it all. Michael has worked with Government negotiating the expansion of operations for high need communities and is certified in Lean Healthcare and Advanced Health Care System Planning.

Author of 369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios. Co-Author of International bestseller Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership, and Co-Founder of Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting (PreEmptiveStrikeConsulting.com) and CEO and founder of Breakfast Leadership, Inc (BreakfastLeadership.com) and host of the Breakfast Leadership Podcast, ranked in the top 200 Business and Marketing Podcasts on iTunes. Based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Michael holds a Bachelor´s Degree from Walsh College in Michigan.

Facts / Strategy learnings:

  • Burnout is on the rise, you can prevent it by how you approach life
  • if you don´t take a break, it will break you
  • don´t compare yourself to others
  • control your inputs, esp. media and don´t assign your emotional energy to it

Tips & Tricks / Secrets:

  • we are the common cause in all, so it´s us to change things
  • we always have 3 options/ choices when overwhelm and burnout shows up:
  • 1. close eyes and take drugs
  • 2. play the victim and blame others
  • 3. the best choice is to take responsibility, acknowledge waht is and take the opportunity to learn from challenges and grow from it
  • practise active self-care and set up boundaries and wxplain others why you have found a better persepective for yourself now and make adjustments
  • love yourself most first and give yourself permission to fail
  • take a deep look inside and find out, what led to the misery
  • Excercise: Design your ideal day and life
  • Excercise: Find out what you love and what brings you happyness and when you did that for the last time. When being stunned, commit to make doing that prioity in the next week and set it VIP


  • Burnout is preventable. If you have proper boundaries in your life, you can reduce the chances of burnout from happening in your life
  • don´t try to accomplish too much on your own, be a leader and delegate and outsource
  • take time for yourself to ‘just be’ and spend quality time with family and friends
  • change yourself and you´ll change the world 
  • life wants to be lived fully

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